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  1. i didn't realize it but when tried hschmoll as my account name it didn't connect me to my existing account which should be herb@herbschmoll.com it just created a brand new account. Is there a place on my computer where the clean process recorded my account activation that i could use to activate this new application download.?
  2. long story I just got a extortion email from someone who offered me proof that he had hacked my system by providing me an actual old password and asking for $2000 in bitcoin or he would send obscene pictures to everyone in my contacts. I went to check my malwarebytes and to see if realtime was shut off and could not open the application. I follow the instructions for a clean removal, then the reinstall launched after a boot but the license key was not reinstalled and now I am on the 14 day trial. I also had a problem loging into to this forum with what I thought was my id herb@herbschmoll.com but seemed to be sucessful changing it to hschmoll which one is correct. How do I get my license key
  3. It's back so I guess I need to try the more elaborate solution offered at you link
  4. I followed the instructions and thus far taboola has not appeared. I'll wait a day and let you know. thank you for all your help Herb Schmoll
  5. I followed the link and found this post there
  6. I only use IE 11 and Edge running on windows 10. taboola only seems to be affecting Edge.
  7. DrWeb cureit log is attached. I had not attached it because the results were 0 issues found so I ran it in safe mode after selecting all objects for the scan. and the most verbose log format. I'm also attaching a screen capture of the Edge browser with several trc.taboola.com tabs visible. Since running your recommended utilities it appears that taboola is still running but is now broken. The error tabs seem to happen as soon as taboola runs which was not happening before. cureit.log
  8. Here are my scans. the .png is a screen capture of this message, notice the tab trc.taboola.com. why did it survive all of the steps recommended to remove it? Fixlog.txt mwbscan.txt AdwCleanerC1.txt
  9. I have trc.taboola.com on my computer. Neither Norton Security nor Premium Malwarebytes will detect or remove it. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. I have been "infected" by taboola which opens a blank tab in my edge browser. I have norton secutiry and premium malwarebytes and neither can find the infection. Please help me to remove it Addition.txt FRST.txt
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