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  1. I purchased and installed Malwarebytes for my MacBook PRO. It seems to have worked very well until last week. What should have been a perfectly safe link to click on (from the main Yahoo! News Page), I was suddenly trapped in one of those scams saying that my Windows OS (!!!!!) had a bug and if I didn’t call the displayed number w/in 3 mins they would permanently disable my system Ditto if I tried to shut down. I ran Malwarebytes and it found NOTHING. I couldn’t close Safari or shut down my system - not normally, or using the shift-control-option + power button. I just closed the laptop and gave it some time figuring that eventually the idiot code would try to do something window-ly that wouldn’t work and would give up. When I re-opened the laptop about 10 minutes later, everything was back to normal. I ran Malwarebytes again and it found nothing but how can I trust this? Some advice please.... kimichan
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