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  1. The screen shot provided happened the other day. I have had Office 2016 installed since Nov, 2015 so it was installed prior to Anti-Ransomware. I had Anti-Ransomware running for several weeks with no issues then this was detected. the program stated that it was quarantined and I thought nothing of it. Then I started getting Office errors "Office is Busy - We're sorry, <program>.exe can't be used right now because Office is busy. We're either updating or helping you add or remove some programs. You can try using <program>.exe again after we're done. It shouldn't take long". Jus
  2. Running Windows 10 Pro and stating seeing this a few days after installing. logs.rar Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.rar
  3. I'm a long time advocate of Malwarebytes products and would like to see 1 window for all products. I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed and now this, however it is not included within 1 window/popup screen. Is there a way to simply include additional scan protection within the same popup screen with access to 1 .exe file that opens up to all protection? Thanks
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