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  1. Thank you, all, for your kind responses. I am surprised by the friendliness of this community, pleasantly so! Naathim, I really appreciate your help, but unless you use a process different from that which the MBAM Customer Advocacy Specialists use to check key validity, I might not require your generously offered assistance! To clarify, I had purchased two lifetime licenses on Amazon a while ago, and created this forum post to try to feel out if I had been ripped-off or not, etc. before I tried using them. I had done a fair amount of reading, and found a lot of unhappy customers mentioning that their keys were invalid, among other things. I called MBAM support, and an EXTREMELY kind and patient Customer Advocate Specialist checked both licenses, and to my surprise and elation, they were both valid, according to him! This made my day, and removed a lot of stress from an otherwise stressful week. Thank you all, again. Hope you're all having a splendid day .
  2. Hello, Should I be skeptical of any available lifetime licenses for MBAM Pro that are available on Amazon? ( Example : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00H9023OK/ ) Does anyone have any direct experience with purchasing these licenses through Amazon? A lot of the actual reviews on the Amazon page are... a little questionable in the issues they seem to address. A lifetime license would make my life a lot easier right now, but not if it doesn't work! Is there a way to check the validity of a license post-purchase before inserting it into MBAM? Thanks all!
  3. But I had some questions. I had talked to someone via phone support previously unless mistaken (about a year ago), but now it seems they have severed that olive branch with home users? If you look around online, you can find many horror stories about either Malwarebytes having poor support, or another company posing as Malwarebytes support and locking people out of their systems, or cards being charged twice, and then accounts cancelled when the second charge was refunded, and lifetime licenses not being honored, and being revoked etc. Either way, it's not the greatest PR and/or Support. I guess I am here asking the community at large if MBAM is, as of 2/23/2016, worth purchasing. I had intended to buy it for almost a year now for a new workstation, but I want to make sure I'm not throwing money at a company that doesn't support it's customers, and is beginning to slip into the death spiral of trying to make ends meet at the cost of user satisfaction. Is there a number I can call? Web support is alright, but I would much rather communicate in a more direct fashion. TL;DR : Is MBAM worth buying in 2016? I have no reason to not like MBAM just yet, but I like to look into things I am spending money on as best I can... Thank you, all!
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