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  1. Hi, We had a laptop that had a blocked website with the IP address on September 12th. The process was for microsoftedgecp.exe. I have attached a screenshot. Does anybody know more about this?
  2. Hi, One of our computers has a threat detected named Broken.OpenCommand from yesterday evening. Does anyone have any information about this?
  3. Would disabling Fast Boot from within the BIOS resolve this issue?
  4. Hi, We have noticed that a few new PCs we have rolled out doesn't show as online on the Malwarebytes Managed Console. I noticed that on these PCs, MEEClientService isn't starting up when I look in Services.msc. When I click "Start", then they show up as "online" in the MBAM console. When I reboot the new PCs, the service isn't running anymore until I manually start them again. I have tried reinstalling the Malwarebytes client on the new PCs but it doesn't fix the issue. These new PCs are Windows 10 Pro 1809. Is there a fix for this?
  5. Just tried your suggestion above and it's still in quarantine. I made sure to run the Command Prompt as Administrator. Is it possible that the program that the file is associated with still needs to be installed on the PC before it can be restored? It appears that the WBT file is part of WebEx and that program is removed from the PC.
  6. It didn't state that it was marked to delete on reboot. I rebooted it and it's still quarantined.
  7. I tried to restore from the Management console and from the client but it wouldn't restore. It's still in the quarantine folder.
  8. There are other .wbt files on the PC that haven't been quarantined. Do you want me to send them?
  9. We have a computer that has a quarantined .wbt file labeled as a Trojan.Dropper.Gen. Would anyone happen to have more info on this? I attached a screenshot from the MBAM console.
  10. I restored QT Tool Lite.exe on the PCs and did a full scan on them. No threats detected now after restoration of the file.
  11. On one of the clients' PCs, I restored QT Tool Lite.exe and ran a full scan on it. It didn't quarantine the item this time. The database during the scan was v2017.05.10.06. I'm going to try the other PCs.
  12. I emailed Malwarebytes Corporate Support after posting this and they replied back stating that this is a false positive and that this will be fixed in the next database update v2017.05.10.02.
  13. Hi, This morning, several of our computers have quarantined “QTtool Lite.exe”, which seems to be a Dell Backup and Recovery tool. Is this a possible false positive or a legit threat? I attached a screenshot of the detection from the Malwarebytes Management Console. Please advise.
  14. Hi, A computer at our workplace has a threat detected named "PUM.Optional.NoDispScrSavPage". It didn't quarantine it in the Malwarebytes Management Console. I'm not sure exactly what this is about. Can anybody give more information about this? See attached screenshot from the console.
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