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  1. Thanks to both of you for the replies. If there was a way to mark the post resolved I would have or select the best answer or edit the OP but sadly there isn't I was aware the update resolved the issues. Thanks Again!
  2. Thanks for the help! however I may have spoke up to soon. Other than a few more restarts I've done nothing else to the system other than create a new image back up and tweak a few setting that were changed after the update which include: Turned off Fast Start, Enabled system protection and created a restore point, tweaked some file explore settings, added takeownership for context menu, turned off hardware update through Windows update, and changed some default apps. Why windows resets theses things with an update is beyond me. Now I doubt any of these tweaks fixed the issue and it's possible symantec updated in the background but I felt compelled to report this to you. Thanks! again If there is anything I can do to help you just let me know I'd be more than happy to. consider this issue resolved
  3. I just updated to Windows version 1703 all was working fine with office 365 with Malewarebytes prior to the update now Malwarebytes blocks the opening of WINWORD.exe to create a document or the opening of any document saved to open with it. This is the word processor for MS OFFICE 365. After playing around a bit I could right click WINWORD.exe icon enter properties and click run as administrator. Obviously, a step I'd prefer not to have to take every time I want to create or open a document and doesn’t work to open .docx files or other file types set to open with WINWORD.exe I should add I opened windows settings and checked for updates other office programs are not affected such as, Outlook, one note publisher and excel which seems to open and work normally. Spoiler below contains Malwarebytes log file from two events when trying to open word documents. Norton version Blocked FRST.exe and quarantined the app Filename: frst64.exe The log txt as follows: However I was able to take it out of quarantine, not thrilled about it, risk level duly noted and run the app to provide results here. Your help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated Addition.txt FRST.txt logs.7z mb-check-results.zip
  4. @SloppyMcFloppy Thanks! at least it's s bit of consolidation. Now I wonder if MBAM will be 64 bit like MBARW when they combine?
  5. @1PW Perfect that is exactly the outcome I was hoping for. Thanks again! @ScS Disabling through Task Manager means you have to manually start the program after a restart. I want it running at start but minimized to the system tray like so many other programs do. Not sure what or where locky.exe is found or for but no matter as this app is temporary and a minor annoyance in the mean time. Drilling through the program files it would appear there is quit a bit more to this program than what we are seeing right now and I'm happy to be part of the beta. The good news is it's 64 bit which is heading in the right direction. Here's hoping for a successful conclusion.
  6. @1PWYou are welcome. By "retired" does that mean it will move to your core component (MBAM) and no longer be a stand alone product or retired from beta and become a release candidate.
  7. I use MBAM MBAE & now MBARW beta on my system paid versions except the latter. WE all, well most of us , strive for that clean, uncluttered desktop look, and do our best to keep things simple, straight forward and organized yet by using these products I have four program files entries spread across x86 and x64, 3 short cuts, 3 tray icons, 7 processes all using 212MB of system memory which BTW is more than another single process except my browser. It just seems like it would be nice to bring a few of these together under on roof which brings me back to the start Will we see Malwarebytes combine products? If NIS 360 can do it why not you?
  8. Every time I start my PC I have a tray icon and task bar icon running for MBARW. I have no need for both and would prefer an option to have it minimize to the tray only instead of having to close the program dialog and let the app run in the background. Fortunately the splash screen is minimized at start as is MBAE & MBAM but the latter two don't have the annoying task bar icon problem. I'm running Windows 8.1 x64 pro Intel based and have Norton IS too
  9. Same issue here although not every time I restart maybe every third of 4th restart
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