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  1. Is it okay if I send you the attachments in a private message? There's a lot of info about my computer in them, and I don't know if that'd be "useful" to anyone, but it still feels weird having them out in the open to be downloaded by anyone.
  2. Good day/evening everyone, I am having a truly terrible time getting rid of this browser hijacker. I use Firefox. I've tried to find it with Malwarebytes in and out of safe mode, and I've tried to find it with Avast. I can't use Avast in safe mode for some odd reason. So far, they haven't even found any infections, never mind this specific virus. It takes forever to write anything online because of the excessive lagging it causes! Even writing this topic has been a pain-in-the-ass to me because it'll randomly redirect my page, making me re-load the page and re-write my entire question. I'd really hate to refresh my laptop, but it's hard to function like this. One of the pages the hijacker redirects me to is "Reimage Repair." I'll continue recording them and writing them here. An odd program I found on my computer was called "Eric Ellington_3132502_assignsubmission_file_Dim..." Deleting it didn't seem to help, but I can't imagine what it belonged to... It had no official publisher, either. If anyone has any idea how they can help me, I'd appreciate it very much. This problem is very devastating. Thank you for reading.
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