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  1. Anti-ransomware is built-in to Malwarebytes 3, it is redundant to run a second stand-alone copy.
  2. Overwrite mbae-setup.exe in .\PackageTemplate on server, to have the console deploy the latest version, and/or include it in export. To use PDQ Deploy, exporting an MSI ensures they are preconfigured with address of server i.e. Anti-Malware managed can be deployed by PDQ.
  3. You should also seek to be formally engaged. Search for and join Partnerbytea program as a reseller ri ge assistance.
  4. For business product use http://support.malwarebytes.com even if trial. SQLExpress is what is used locally. Mix mode authenticarion and named pipes needed for external SQL.
  5. Malwarebytes 3 - home and up to 10 seats for micro businesses (see user license) has this component built in. Redundant to run second copy. Bigger businesses should buy Endpoint Security, it has non-beta component. Full protection from Malwarebytes has multiple layers. This single layer needs to be used with the others for maximum protection, not alone.
  6. Redundant to run two copies of anti-ransomware it is builtin to Malwarebytes 3. Installing second copy by beta breaks MB3 component. Uninstall and reinstall. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/200634-malwarebytes-31-now-available/ https://support.malwarebytes.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2802905-malwarebytes-3-1-2-what-s-new-improved
  7. Install Anti-ransomware module ,ifyou haven't already. Also latest Microsoft security updates.
  8. Escalate to CEO, Marcin to talk to Eugene Kaspersky This is too important for 'standard" support channel.
  9. There is a nasty market trend emerging. Microsoft are locking down Windows 10 to allow one-only AV registration. Kaspersky are raising an anti-trust case on this. https://eugene.kaspersky.com/2016/11/10/thats-it-ive-had-enough/ Looks like Symantec are doing similar.
  10. I was advised that MSI is at link & have successfully downloaded: (I haven't yet requested NFR keys, but will go down that path soon).
  11. If an exclusion add is performed by line command and the exclusion is already existing, the utility doesn't return error and continues trying. C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Ransomware>assistant --x add "c:\temp" "MBARW Exclusion added: c:\\temp" C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Ransomware>assistant --x add "c:\temp" "Error: Timeout waiting for operation to complete" "Error: Timeout waiting for operation to complete"
  12. The [Add Folder] & [Add File] functions bring up a browse function and do an existence check, prior to applying the exclusion. I would probably apply an exclusion before installing software to avoid it being quarantined. Is this a sequencing issue? How does one work around it?
  13. Note, assistant.exe command is documented in Anti-Ransomware Administration Guide, and EXE is in beta & release versions. Is it relevant/appropriate to ask these questions in this forum?
  14. It appears that the MSI installation immediately starts, upon 1st installation. If exclusions are required, it appears that the assistant.exe -x -add "path" is done after program is running. 1. Is it a problem that Anti-Ransomware might quarantine files before exclusions can be applied? 2. Is it possible to preconfigure exclusions, so they are available as Anti-Exploit starts? - This seems desirable for a larger rollout - This seems desirable so Anti-Ransomware doesn't quarantine files, before exclusions can be applied? 3. Is it possible to install Anti-Ransomware in a stopped state, run the adds of exclusions, then start it?
  15. FYI - I downloaded from an "Not-For-Resale" license key & MSI wasn't there (I am reseller). I subsequently downloaded from a "Resale" key and MSI was in package. I'll send case to support re NFR key.
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