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  1. from my experiences mcafee is a waste of money and resources, along with most symantec products. but then again, i've not found any one program that does it all. mbam is pretty good but not as good as it once was. Eset, sophos are fairly decent. i'm hoping this mbam anti-ransomeware app does the job for ransomeware. locking down email attachments at the server level is the best preventative approach that i know of right now. using shadow copies on windows platforms and verified daily/hourly backups and/or snapshots seem to be my best approach to disaster recovery.
  2. as far as i know you need to download the anti-ransomeware client. i don't believe it comes bundled with malwarebytes. https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/uluqe6ms2l36bsxkudurlr7yr8lp6d8g
  3. sunfarm, were you running just malwarebytes or were you running the anti-ransomware program?
  4. ok, had to connect to the internet to activate. now inserting usb e: drive but mbam still not seeing anything happening and i suspect that nothing is happening because the files on the usb stick are fine. apparently the process has ended once the ransomeware wallpaper is displayed?
  5. am attempting to test the antiransomeware. i have a pc that is infected with locky. i have booted the pc up in safe mode and installed the mbam antiransomeware s/w - the install went fine but then came back with "unable to connect to the service". my plan was to reboot and then attach a usb drive to see if the mbam s/w works but when i reboot i get the message: "there was a problem activating your malwarebytes antiransomeware beta". wondering how to test from here.
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