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  1. Well it was hopeful but after reboot Edge gets locked up still and Exploit Protection needs turning off to fix it. Looked promising at first upgrade. Also during reboot only the Protection popup happens on login but that is the only time. Not concerned about it and look forward to permanent fix.
  2. Once we have posted enough - what is the number of posts required before we can edit the profile? I understand posting and helping users but it would be nice to know once you are about to hit that number. Also makes it hard when you cannot make posts back to back as it states that it is too quick and to wait xx seconds.
  3. Upgraded to 3.0.5 and I am not seeing the PowerPoint 2016 issue at all. Also Edge appears to be working fine for me but need to reboot to test. Seems to have fixed many things for myself on Windows 10 Build 14986.
  4. Try the new 3.0.5 and see. Edge works for me after install but I am going to reboot to see if the problem comes back.
  5. Just an update on this issue as I installed 3.0.5 this morning. I can launch Edge fine without it locking up or anything even with all Protection layers enabled. That is just after install and I will reboot to see if that happens since the Protected Application list appears to be empty at the moment. I will update after reboot.
  6. @Ried I also reported this prior to John's test with a VM so it is confirmed that a reboot does not help.
  7. A reboot will not fix it even when turning off the Edge option as I have tried. Only recourse is AE off completely.
  8. It is possible that the newest build 14986 did change something as I reverted back to 14971 and all components are working again in MBAM. I am going to try updating again as my Office 2016 broke on me so had to revert to fix it.
  9. I don't have Kaspersky and just had Windows Defender running only. Turned off the Anti-Exploit protection and Edge is working. Waiting on fix.
  10. Yes that works fine as I saw this in the other post. All good until fixed.
  11. Having the same issue with Edge on Windows 10 14986. Hopefully this gets addressed soon or patched.
  12. The recently released Insider Preview 14986 just came out. After upgrading and having MBAM 3.0 (final) installed it makes Edge not useable at all. The app doesn't even launch and once MBAM is removed Edge works again. I have tried to turn off the Edge monitor but that does not help. This is a major issue and needs fixing.
  13. If you stop the service and disable the Compatibility Assistant MBAM installs fine. I am sure the others might as well. Just an FYI
  14. I don't have MBAM installed so turning off the Malicious website real-time protection is a moot point. I will just wait for Beta 3 announcement at this point.
  15. After running the cleanup tool, rebooting and trying to install 2.2.1 the same dialog window as shown in the original post comes up - This app can't run on this PC. So the workaround giving "does not work". I had uninstalled MBAM previously when the Insider Preview issues started and thought like the OP that with no mention in this newest build we could reinstall. I will keep an eye out for Beta 3 but hope 2.3 will fix this too.
  16. This solution does not work and you get the same message as @PatrickD from his original post. Was a good thought.
  17. Please add an option to allow the program to start minimized in the System Tray. Currently after logging in to Windows the window opens and shows on taskbar. MBAM and MBAE start up in the System Tray without showing the program window on login.
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