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  1. Good to know and nice to see good measures in place for this.
  2. Thanks for that Ron as that helps but still don't know how to change profile picture. Guess that is so many posts also.
  3. I can open both programs no issue there. Just can't toggle on KeePass now that it is in the list that's all. Mbam crashed while adding KeePass though but is good now.
  4. Something else I tried to get around the Edge issue - added the program folder to the exclusion list and turned on all modules. Edge seems to launch and work fine. Something to look at when troubleshooting this problem and yes I know this is not the ideal fix.
  5. That MBAM clean tool as far as I know is only for V2. They are working on one for V3 but it is not ready.
  6. Here is the MBAE-Default.txt file and the service log again. I was able to add the KeePass application but it crashed MBAM and now I cannot turn it on but it is showing in the list. MBAMSERVICE.LOG mbae-default.log
  7. Something of interest for this issue. I added the Edge folder to the Exclusion list, turned on all protection modules, rebooted and then waited a few seconds for the system to settle down. I can launch Edge fine and it doesn't hang. Not sure how this relates to the Exploit Protection module but this seems to address the issue at the moment. I know not ideal as you are excluding it from being scanned, etc. Just something to pass along with helping address the issue.
  8. I don't think they have placed the update for the application on the update servers just yet they said a couple weeks and it would. I like downloading the installers anyway that way you can keep them for reverting to previous versions faster.
  9. I just tried to add KeePass but it does not let me and it is not already in the list. Think there are still some issues around this section of the program as you cannot edit or delete existing ones listed either which is known. I will test a few other apps.
  10. As stated you will see this message at every boot up or reboot until the permanent fix is completed. Other than that this version addresses the daily pop-ups when the application updates itself.
  11. As per OP this exists in 3.0.5 also where the tray icon shows modules off or even grayed out but app is fine as shown.
  12. Yes unfortunately after reboot Edge is still broken so I am using or for now but might use the other option of MBAE install.
  13. Edge browser in Windows 10 has similar issues with not launching or freezing so turning off Exploit Protection module fixes it. But I see you are using Kaspersky too (sorry missed that part). Make sure to load the new 3.0.5 version as they fixed KIS working with MBAM together.
  14. Try turning off just the Exploit Protection piece and see if that helps. It has to be done with Edge browser.
  15. I have removed that as well. Is there any topic on what is and is not allowed, etc.?
  16. I have removed the images for now until I resize them as they did look big. Sorry about that.
  17. After reboot Edge issue is back and Exploit Protection needs turning off. Looked promising after upgrade but needs fixing still.
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