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  1. I have it installed and toggled on Web Protection and so far all good. Seems like it is fixed in this build. 😎
  2. Yeah just saw that. Will update and test but might need one more build or two for fix. 😁
  3. Tested latest Beta release and same issue when Web Protection enabled. So leave it off for now until MS comes back as I think they need to fix this IIRC.
  4. This has happened before where a release comes out with fixes and this breaks mbam. I am sure it will get fixed but for now turn off Web Protection and install the browser extension.
  5. So if MBAM is removed does internet work? I had issues and rolled back to 20231 for now but might try removing MBAM and see.
  6. Has been very good so far even when VPN connected to my office and no browser issues as yet. Hopefully this is the fix.
  7. Appears there is a 4.1.1 update which just installed. Waiting on Change Log.
  8. Seems to be good so far and the issues are not present. I also removed the scheduled scan too so unsure if that has anything to do with it as well since it was suggested. Will keep an eye on this as a new update just popped up.
  9. Do we know if the latest beta 924 addresses any of the issues noted in this post or for all the performance issues posted? I am going to test it out and see. Will report back in a few days.
  10. Has anyone tested the latest CU that came out yesterday/today? Just wondering as I want to get MBAM back on my system but cannot have this issue all the time.
  11. Sounds good as I am installing now and will report back shortly.
  12. Does the latest CU update 875 address this issue? Just wondering.
  13. Yeah I have had to remove it for now until the next CU is ready to test the performance/DNS stuff fixes. Version 4.0.4 works good but you cannot update it so prefer not to use this one.
  14. Do we know if the latest 860 update fixes the DNS issues by chance? I know they are not mentioned but someone will ask.
  15. I see there was a component update to 1.0.859 now over 1.0.854 (last release) - is there a change log for this? Just curious if DNS related. 😁
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