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  1. I had this issue some time back where I had the license key + ID. In the end Support sent me a new lifetime key but one of the newer ones. So keep on them to get that as it is easier.
  2. Can we get a separate download link for clean installing as mentioned?
  3. Agreed it does as I just tried it. I am swapping over to Emsisoft for now until this is fixed.
  4. Tried using the Support Tool and ran a CLEAN option, reboot then reinstall but the same issue. Swapping over to Emsisoft until fixed.
  5. Same issue here and MBAM was fine on previous release 18317. So something has changed causing this issue. Have other applications installed for protection as well so will wait for fix.
  6. I have a support ticket opened - Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2491881 for resetting my lifetime license as I had to restore my laptop from backup but that messed up the license. Have not heard back on the ticket since my request yesterday. Anyone here able to push this? Also I asked to have the lifetime license put on the MyMalwarebytes Account page which I am still waiting on also since only the consumer licenses I purchased for family is there. Thanks
  7. Thanks for this. I did have the scan set to 12PM eastern time but for some reason it was not that. Maybe after running the clean utility and reinstall it reverted. I also removed the "Recover Missed Task" option too as that I typically turn off. Hopefully this is the solution. We will see probably Thursday/Friday as I will be turning off my laptop tonight to head to the office tomorrow but when at home office I will leave it on overnight and see. Report back on Friday.
  8. Any updates on this from the logs submitted?
  9. @vbarytskyy Here is the logs again without touching anything. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. @vbarytskyy Not a problem I will run again and then attach when done. Stand by.
  11. I have noticed the same thing when left on overnight the next morning the Malwarebytes service is eating up the laptop. Windows 10 Build 17134.1. Attached is the logs from the support tool to help out. mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. I have completed the removal using the cleaning utility and reinstalled. I will see how shutdown is now and get back to you. I know the Mail App in Windows 10 operates better since doing this so hopefully shutdown is faster too.
  13. Turning off Ransomware Protection did allow the laptop to shut down much faster. So seems like that module is the culprit. I will just be patient and wait on a fix.
  14. Yes it is a company laptop but I can do whatever required to it. I will test the Ransomware component and let you know.
  15. Could someone check the log I attached and if I need a new one let me know.
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