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  1. Hi, my question is: why there's not a Windows XP version? If the problem are the shadow copy maybe the best practice is to lose 3-4 files but detect ransomware activity in time for save all the other remain files. If this is not the problem i would like to see an implementation on XP because in my case i have a lot of clients with XP and the users are ostinated to remain on it till those PC crash irredeemably.
  2. Thanks Decrypterfixer for your such incredible work! Maybe my version don't block Locky because I only have the exe and not the word file when i test it... I wish you good work and I hope that future version will still blocked by this fantastic antiramsonware! Bye
  3. Hi! I'm an Italian IT and in this period we're oveloaded by cyptolocker, ctb-locker, cryptowall and TeslaCrypt. I've take some samples of any ramsomware by my clients and i put all in a Virtual Machine to test Malwarebytes Anti-Ramsonware Beta Software and I admit that so much impressive how it works quickly and cleverly: it destroy all of my samples of ramsomware... but this evening someone bring to our office a PC infected by a new kind of ramsomware with ".locky" extension. This link below is the only one i've found with some information about it... https://medium.com/@networksecurity/locky-ransomware-virus-spreading-via-word-documents-51fcb75618d2#.4v9n04xjf I got a sample of the executable from the infected PC and i put it in the Virtual Machine... And I have to say with regret that Malwarebytes Anti-Ramsonware Software don't block or recognize this type of ramsomware. MOD'S NOTE: Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware DOES BLOCK Locky. You're just seeing the ransom readme. File encryption is blocked by Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. I pray that some programmer reads this topic and implements something about it in Malwarebytes Anti-Ramsonware Software because I foresee a wide spread of this new ramsonware. I hope this topic help programmer and someone... Bye.
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