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  1. Hello, First, please allow me to express my sincere gratirude for making this software available! I have been unable to find any truly comparable product at any price. What I would like to know now is whether the next version of Malwarebytes will be available directly as a 64-bit application. I am not as much concerned with the 'speed issue' as I am with the direct integration into and 'under the hood of' the running operating system. Right now, running under WIndows 10 64-bit, Malwarebytes is not able to startup in a 'native' mode on a 64-bit system. It receives the 'redheaded step-child treatment' and is only applied to the system after the native 64-bit applications are loaded., and that leaves that tiny fraction of an instant during the boot sequence when something 'nasty' might appear. I am confident that you have already addressed this issue and that it is not a true threat at this time, however, it would put the minds of those of us who are les technologically advanced at ease if we knew that Malwarebytes was loaded at the same time with all of the other 'grown-up' applications. Thank you, HomeUserKS
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