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  1. Ok, thanks for all your help and looking into this usasma!
  2. Thanks Usasma, i had ~15 important updates from the 9th,as well as ~10 optional, and was able install all but one; kb3102433 (.net framework 4.6.1). Makes a bit of sense given the 2 mscorpe dlls are part of .net framework. After having microsoft check troubleshoot update errors nothing seems to be coming up. This all seems to stem from the recent "Updgrade to windows 10" that started running for compatibility but i don't know that this would be the reason malwarebytes causes system strain when scanning these 2 particular .dlls. Should I attempt to remove windows 10 compatability processes?
  3. Thanks Usasma, Attached is the generated file. Also, the first time i ran it it created a an empty zip folder. I rebooted and immediately re-ran to create the attached file. Does it normally create an empty folder on first attempt? At any rate, thanks again for looking into this!
  4. Hey everybody, hope I'm in the right place, over the past week or so Malwarebytes has been hanging when getting to either mscorpe or mscorpehost.dll. It's so bad that sometimes it causes windows to completely crash. The times that it has been able to push through it hasn't uncovered any issues or malware. Any ideas why this may be happening when MB starts scanning these 2 particular dlls? Anyone else seeing this? Thanks!
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