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  1. Malwarebytes Free 3.8.3, even if Premium Trial is currently active, as it has recently been updated.
  2. With dark high contrast themes of windows, in the report window that opens by clicking on "View Threats Identified" and in the "Report: Scan" window when clicking on "View Report", the threats found are little or not visible at all, depending on the color scheme used. I've attached some screenshots.
  3. Hi, some time ago I tried the beta 5, but I've then removed, because it gave me this problem, now I tried to make a clean installetion of the beta 6, and unfortunately it still gives me the same problem, that is, when I switch to another account, it's creates the temporary profile, which is then deleted on reboot. Before uninstall MBARW , I saved the log files. logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
  4. I spoke too soon, it's like a dog chasing their tail, the procedure will reset the account, but when I login to the profile the problem reoccurs, and then cannot use a standard account without incurring in this error, since when I have to do a task that requires administrator access it re-creates the *.bak key. So by the time I decided to remove MBARW, and try again it when comes out a new version.
  5. I found a VSS Error - 8193 Unexpected error calling routine ConvertStringSidToSid in the system events after the creation of new Recovery points, I think this is due to creation of temporary profiles caused by MBARW, I posted here the link to the solution I found, if you were to encounter this error: http://knowledgebase.macrium.com/display/KNOW/VSS+Error+-+8193+Unexpected+error+calling+routine+ConvertStringSidToSid
  6. I noticed that sign out and returning in the same account, creates however a temporary profile, even when unused, and errors are reported in the system events, and the same thing occurs even if I disable and then reactivated the MBAM service via msconfig and restarting the system, only after another reboot, the files of temporary profile are deleted, while if I go out and return in the same account and MBARW is running, the folder of temporary profile is updated. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
  7. I think at the moment it's useful also appear in the taskbar, so before close is can verify that the protection is actived, imho before removing it they should add a change to the icon in the system tray that signals when the protection is stopped, and possibly even the appearance of a tool tip.
  8. MBARW put Asphalt8_w8.exe in quarantine, and it was not possible to restore it, but after have reinstalled the app, I found that the MD5 of Asphalt8_w8.exe does not match to the quarantined file, it may have been infected, or MBARW modified the file? I attach also the original executable, and the quarantine files, for a possible confrontation. In the windows events it's reported that a few minutes before MBARW put Asphalt8_w8.exe in quarantine, there were errors with shadow copies (Event ID 12293 - Volume Shadow Copy Service Operations), also was running the quick scan planned of Avira, I do
  9. Today I tried to enter in my second account, and I had the same problem, by switching between accounts to another, with MBARW actived, has started a temporary account, it's solved with a reboot, but it repeats every time I switching betwen profiles. If I turn off completely MBARW with msconfig, the problem does not occur.
  10. Unfortunately Location is not available, however not appeared a BSOD screen.
  11. After a system crash I've found in the events this error of MBAMService.exe MBAMService.exe 56bad6a1 MBAMService.exe 56bad6a1 c0000409 0000000000166530 f20 01d16dad69d7b9fa C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Ransomware\MBAMService.exe C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Ransomware\MBAMService.exe f5305f5f-ddd2-11e5-8008-ac220b0cc9b3 Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
  12. This has happened to me with windows 8.1 today, after installing the latest optional updates, during the system reboot, it has booted the temporary profile, but in my case it was enough a restart, to get back my profile. However, during the upgrade process, MBARW it was running, but I had stopped the protection.
  13. Thanks, I tried it a while, now it all seems resolved, the beta5 was installed without alarming Comodo, and protection remain enabled after a system restart, while it's still disabled if I close and reopen MBARW, but I don't know if it's a bug, or a wanted behavior, however is not a big problem for me.Then I tried to remove the app "The Secret Society" from the exclusions, and now is no longer mistaken for a ransomware. Good job
  14. Didn't work for me, I also tried to open MBARW as administrator, but always I obtained the same message.I solved saving the game progress directory, and reinstalling the app without MBARW, then I opened MBARW as an administrator, and added the exe of the app to exclusions, so I emptied the quarantine, and restored the game progress.
  15. I installed MBARW Windows 8.1, and how other real-time protection using Comodo Firewall and Avira, and I had the following problems: 1) During the MBAR installation, Comodo signals the MBAR_Setup.tmp file as if it were infected with the CloudScanner.Trojan.Gena2@1. 2) At every start, the protection is turned off, and I have to activate it manually. 3) MBARW detected the TheSecretSociety.exe (a game app) as ransomware, and has quarantined for 2 times, and because I think is a false positive, I tried to restore it, but MBARW tells me that the operation cannot be performed. Malwarebytes Ant
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