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  1. Thank you, I'm kind of new when it comes to reporting/finding new threats but this is close to what I want to do in later years
  2. Hi. I was listening to the radio in the backround and heard an advert for a PC "cleaner". It had that typical robotic american woman voice explaining everything it had to offer, and that made me very suspicious. After going to the website, I was hit with even more suspicions about it. I then downloaded it, the installer looked fishy yet again but the EULA looked okay. After doing a (superfast) full scan, it stated I have 254 errors on my PC. Typical run-of-the-mill rouge cleaner, except this is sponsered on a radio station. MBAM did not detect it(not as PUP, not as a threat, nothing) and it fairly concerns me. I understand this may be a brand new rouge, but it is advertised on a radio usually older people listen to, making easy targets for the fake cleaner company. I will give full details if there is a secure way to give them to researchers(or whoever is responsible for discovering rouges)., like the Radio Station name, possibly a recording of the advert, the website, all the files and screenshots.
  3. I've mis-written the title. I meant that while my sister was infected, Mbam couldn't run.
  4. Hi, everyone. About 2 weeks ago, my half sister messaged me saying that when she was trying to watch a movie on her PC, it kept making beeping noises or similar. I checked it out the next day and she was infected with Cryptowall 3.0. She more than likely got it from uTorrent/BitTorrent(where she downloads movies from). She had Malwarebytes installed, but every time we tried to launch it, it would be extremely slow and then crash. I tried many times and it didn't work at all. I booted the PC into Safemode with Networking and cleared out as many files the ransomware copied(in EVERY single folder on the PC) then tried Malwarebytes again- same result. I downloaded Hitman Pro, and after a while it detected everything then removed it all. A restart showed that it was fully gone, but my half sister still wanted to use her torrent. My dad showed her *ahem* alternative sites *cough* but I'm pretty sure she is still using the torrent. If you think this is an advertisement, it really isn't. I just want to let you all know that Mbam didn't work when I tried to scan the system AND it worked before I restarted the machine. I would've taken some samples if you are all still trying to solve Cryptowall, but I really don't want my external hard drive encrypted. Although.. the log may be there somewhere, if thats any use.
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