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  1. After holding the power button down until the computer shuts-off then you could have have booted the computers in safe mode with networking. Afterwards, the task manager should load without a problem (hopefully that will help you for any future lock-up issues).
  2. Hello... I had to boot each of our computers in safe mode with networking (Win7 | 64bit). I couldn't move around to do anything when they were booted-up normally. Once in safe mode, I removed MBytes Service from the task manager, waited a few seconds for the MB icon to reappear in the system tray and then updated the definitions. To be sure that the definitions updated, I did two things: I right-clicked on the MB icon in the system tray and selected, "Check for Updates". Next, I opened MB.. left-clicked on "Scan", choose "Hyper Scan" and clicked-on the Start Scan button (first thing it does is check for updates). Afterwards, I restarted all 3 of our computers and they were now back-to-normal.
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