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  1. So I've been running beta on my laptop since I've heard of this beta and I have been running it with confidence, meaning that I am assuming that this BETA version will function as it's expected from it's more robust full version counterpart built into MBAM Should I worry about the variants such as the wannacry and whatever else will make anyone cry when they get ransomed? Are the definition updates released as quickly as full MBAM? I want to feel confident that I am running this to stop any and all types of ransom junk and not have a placebo installed on my laptop :/ Thanks
  2. Hello, I found out that mbam is now including their anti-ransomware into their software. In my management console I currently see version, how can I get 3.0? I am currently using mbam to protect our 2008R2 servers with RDS Thanks!
  3. 132mb compressed MEMORY.DMP file being uploaded to http://dropcanvas.com/02cfr so give it a few mins
  4. As your team is already aware this is an issue and just wanted to share some more. I am trying to run keepass.exe over a network share. I get a BSOD showing fltmgr.sys as the culprit. I tried adding the folder location and the exe file name itself to the exclusions and it still crashes. Attached are the minidumps and the MalwarebytesARW folder in zip format here http://dropcanvas.com/ekvc5 Running on Win8.1 Pro. Other than that, the program has been running without issues.
  5. The Encompass.exe application was quarantined, this is from a company called EllieMae and it's a valid program. Threat Name: Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic Location: C:\SmartClientCache\Apps\Ellie Mae\Encompass\ I created an exclusion to the file and had to reboot my laptop before I could continue using the application. I did not notice that the exe file stayed in the original location and was actually NOT deleted from the system when it first alerted to it. Is this normal operation if it was to detect a real crypto threat? Thanks for this product!
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