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  1. I rebooted twice, and nothing seems amiss. All protection is active. Will advise if anything changes.
  2. OK, here you go. config.rar MB-CheckResult.rar
  3. Update I rebooted, and Ransomware Protection was still off. This time, clicking "turn on" worked. (The first time, it did not.) Got an updated log here. MBAMSERVICE.rar
  4. I did a totally clean install of the new "beta" (mb3-setup-consumer- CU3.exe ) and it worked fine - yesterday. Now I wake up to find that, instead of a problem with Web Protection, the Ransomware Protection is off. Here's the log. MBAMSERVICE.rar
  5. OK, I found it. That doesn't mean it makes sense... The AdwCleaner folder is, indeed, on the C drive. There's no executable in it. I originally sent the executable from my laptop to a folder called "Rob's Stuff" on my wife's D drive, which is a WD 4TB external drive. That's where it disappeared from earlier today. Tonight, I found it in the "Downloads" folder, on the F drive. (C and F are built in. C is an SSD.) Windows must have put it there, because I did not. The time signature is earlier today, so I did not dump it there some other time and forget about it. Want more? I copi
  6. She's playing games doing some productive work right now, so I won't know until later.
  7. The executable (adwcleaner_6.043.exe) vanished from the folder it was in. As in "gone". So did the previous version (042) after I ran that.
  8. I ran AdwCleaner on my wife's Windows 8.1 desktop today. After it ran, it disappeared! I think Windows ate it!
  9. Here's what I came up with: rem Optimize C and Back Up net stop MBAMScheduler "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /auto "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tweaking.com\Registry Backup\TweakingRegistryBackup.exe" /auto "C:\Program Files\MyDefrag\Scripts\OptimizeWeeklyC.MyD" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\TrueImageHome\TrueImageLauncher.exe" /script:9C00E439-9422-45DB-A699-5FF9697BE02F exit Some notes: 1) This is the "weekly" job. CCleaner actually runs when Acronis kicks in - it's part of the pre-execution command. This one (line 2) is included so that I'm not optimizing junk whic
  10. Disabling the SDCardMountService seems to have done the trick.
  11. I am trying MBAM on an Android phone. (LG L41C phone, Android 4.4.2 KitKat) A full scan took nearly 90 minutes, so I disabled Scan on Boot, since I don't want that running every time I fire up the phone. It ran anyway. Then, since the phone is rooted, I disabled the RebootScanService. And it still ran! So how do I disable this, other than uninstalling the program?
  12. If you want to make a new thread out of this stuff, feel free. Once Acronis starts running. the C: part is locked down, so I don't want to be attempting updates during that time. It runs when I go to bed, which is anywhere between midnight and 0300, and takes a couple of hours. Rob
  13. Yes, I know about flash memory (NAND gates, if I recall correctly) - they don't get defragged; only trimmed. Windows does this weekly unless you change the schedule. I do it on my Android phone, as well. A clarification of terms may be in order: by "full scan" I meant "Threat Scan". I note that the default is to run it every hour, which is a bit much, then, perhaps? After all, there is real-time protection in the licensed version. I run a full scan about once a month with Avast Internet Security on all four partitions and the external drives. I've never felt a need to do it more than that, b
  14. You're right, of course - having the real-time protection is like having that big, mean dog on a chain in your front yard. But, as long as the full scan is available (and every program seems to have them), why not run it when the system is otherwise unoccupied? And why not have the system shut down when it's done to save a bit of energy? Truth be told, I would just as soon do it in a batch file, but I understand that the command-line switches are no longer supported. Reinstating those would take care of the problem quite nicely. My overnight batch job would include 1. Junk file cleaner;
  15. 1. 4. 2. Option to shut down after a scan (on-demand or scheduled); option to turn off scanning at certain times of day, or when certain other programs are running (like backup or defrag).
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