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  1. Ok here is an update, I have reinstalled MB3.0.6.1469 CU3 but still want to have the installation checked, my computer seems way too slow, so I must have something going on. Will be running the file above and MB-CheckResult.txt
  2. Hi Devin, Thanks for your response, however, I uninstalled MB3 and reverted back to MB2, Of course I can always go back I guess, just figured my Quad core 1.65mhz computer may not be robust enough to handle MB3, because on my other 2 computers which are i5 and i7 I am having little to no problems with the latest update to MB3.0.6.1469 (1.0.69). Do you want me to reinstall MB3 and run that file?
  3. On two computers I updated the MB3.0.6.1469 to the new beta? 1.0.69 from the 1.0.50 and things are operating smoothly on my i5 and i7 computers as stated I'm back to MB2 on the old quad core 1.65MHz, I'll check it out later and see if it's ok....I'm phasing it out -way too slow on scanning and back-ups. Some of the above issues sound more like conflicting programs which are slowing things down to a crawl on scanning and operations, just a thought. As I had mentioned I have ran MB2 and Norton side by side for years and the past year I have ran MB-anti-exploit premium and MB- Anti-ransomware
  4. @GMork I do not disagree with you, in fact I agree with you and believe the translators can cause confusion and some may very well abandon MB3, however we do not really know the amount of persons who are using ...say.. Norton alongside MB3 and can wait a bit for the fix which I am very sure as stated already is forthcoming. I do not plan to go anywhere, however, on my SLOW computer (quad core 1.65MHz) I have reverted temporarily to MB2, exploit beta, and MBARW beta, the truth might be that some computers are not powerful enough to handle a robust MB3 program, who knows. I have MB3 on
  5. MB3 includes Web, Exploit, as well as Ransomware protection not just the Anti-Malware, before when I was running MB2, I also had to have an anti-exploit license, I was running MBARW- beta free but nothing said it was WEB protection. Isn't there a lot of difference in what the programs do .. to just make the switch?
  6. Ich würde sagen, dass alles auf einem Computer "unterliegen Malware-Angriff" einschließlich Anti-Malware-Programme. Ich kann nur eine Theorie ohne tatsächliche Tatsachen haben, aber wer würde uns niedrige Benutzer sagen. Couldn't help myself... for trying that Google Translate ... cool..
  7. I have been restarting my computer to stop the Heuristic Analysis scan, however, there must be an update or new version. I am using, Do I need to reinstall or does anyone know?
  8. Hi All, Just within the last couple of days( today Feb13 2017) I have had MB3 .0.6.1469 running Heuristic Analysis nearly non-stop sometime over 5 hours. I have a screen shot of one here running almost 4 hours I will be attaching.
  9. The Problem is that when you play with the Big Boys be prepared for a backlash.. When Malwarebytes declared there was no need for any other AV or Security program but MB3 that is when the gloves came off and the hitherto playing partners became enemies. I am sure Norton has a thousand engineers working to dissect and tear apart MB3 at the seams or at least make it ACT like it is not working correctly, Just saying that NORTON and others will do anything to protect their TURF, in other words, their Market Share. If MB3 is having any problems IT is definitely coming from the competition and
  10. Thanks for your post as I know someone may need it. I personally was very fortunate insomuch that I have 4 computers , 3 of which have lifetime licenses. My plan of attack was to deactivate my license on MB2, deactivate MB exploit, then deactivate MB anti-ransomware after turning each of these off, I proceded to run the MB Cleanup program which cleans all loose ends of MB products on the system. Then I, had already downloaded the in my downloads folder so I just ran that and installed, entered my lifetime license .. into each one.. some had ID and Key others just Key but al
  11. Hi Kevin, Here is something interesting. With Acronis Scheduler service still off. I have been doing good without any noticeable issues however I when I sit down at the computer I always right click the MB icon in the taskbar and select "check for updates" then the Program comes up and either says current or is in the process of updating. Today I notice that the NEXT scheduled scan date is yesterday morning at 2:22 so I am wondering what happens when the scan date is in the past, does that mean MB will never do a NEXT scheduled scan because of the date isn't going to be coming up?
  12. Hi Kevin, I didn't know your affiliation or capacity here. I apologize for any offense but do think MB should look into my idea thoroughly before they pitch it and yes I can contact MB support and see what they say. As far as being unhappy with MB, I have always considered the software cutting edge and the recent shift to an all in one product is a great idea. However there is always stages of development where new ideas can be found to increase the value and benefits of the product. There would be no need to contact an administrator unless they know of specific threads here in the for
  13. Hi Kevin, Think about this scenario, I buy a product that takes care of virus, malware, malware? , ransomware.. however, this product doesn't keep my computer from breaking down due to date related issues PLus I have bad future dated restore points, Unable to update properly with UPdates to MB3 as well as Norton making them both unable to update correctly or at least report that they are updated and in contact with the server etc. AND since MB3 should have a connection check for MY and everyone's Computer DATE at least to warn someone that their date does not correspond with win
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