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  1. Hello I'm writing to ask for your assistance. I am pretty sure I have some variant of csrss and winlogon Trojans. They are undetectable so far on several different paid and free scanners. Mwb paid scan does not detect. Cannot end these processes in task manager, nor open any folder which they contain, etc. access is always denied, I I'm running Windows 7 on a new-to-me (used) hp elitebook. I was told that all windows security updates had been installed and the reseller had installed several programs via ninite. It turns out that not all the updates has been installed, Problem has persisted through 2 system restores. I finally tried to reformat, but processes won't close / stop anytime there is power to machine, even in safe modes, so I don't think that will help, but I would try anything you suggest to get some help. Is it wise to reformat with these processes running or will that just reinstall them on newly formatted disks? I have ZERO Data on this machine I need to keep. What do you think?
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