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  1. i am very new to this website so i don't really know my way around it, could you inform me who the moderators are or perhaps invite them to view this post that would be great help.
  2. Hahaha ok you caught me. But im sure by this time with your expertise you would of sorted out this problem, im not saying that you are obliged to help me but im just asking for you to help a fellow human in need (final year university student who is depended on internet access to books and academic journals online). And with no internet access im putting my grades on the line. So please if you can help me ,help me. i cant change my pirated books/movies/TV series and turn back time. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok i understand rules are rules but i don't really understand how me downloading economics books affects and breaches your protocol that heavily. i would greatly appreciate the help by anyone who is willing to give it. Thanks in advance
  4. hey there kevin, so from what i understand i just need to delete the utorrent i have installed and you'll be able to help me?
  5. here are the files i said i was going to post. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hey there, I just ran a Malwarebytes scan to remove malware that i received yesterday night downloading something. i think i have completely removed the malware or whatever it was but now I am having trouble connecting to the internet. I can see that i am connected to my network, but cannot get online. I downloaded and ran Farbar Service Scanner, ran a scan, and got this: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Farbar Service Scanner Version: 27-01-2016 Ran by Edon-PC (administrator) on 31-01-2016 at 17:20:34 Running from "D:\User
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