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  1. Good Morning Teemu, I did receive the link. Thank you for the help and quick response. Have a great week! -bob
  2. Morning, I have misplaced my notification for the latest version which contained the download link. I cannot seem to find one here; I know, I'm blind. Would you direct me to the correct download location? I do not want the cloud version, we wish to remain totally local. Thank you, -bob
  3. Good Morning, Before I go through all that perhaps I should ask a more pertinent question. We have your enterprise, in-house, option; a hundred seats I believe. We will not go to a cloud solution so we are sticking with your in-house offerings. Question: When will the anti-ransomware module be available to the product that we use? I just got the update notice, but I have not looked at it yet. If it will be offered soon then I will just wait until I can management directly from the console. Thanks, -bob
  4. Morning, I have several headless workstations by which the only contact is RDP. When logged in I get the pop-up to update Ant-Ransomware, but clicking on the install button just makes the pop-up go away and the system tray icon to disappear. Only a log out/log in will bring back the system tray icon. It will then again ask for you to install the update. For the one I can attach screen-keyboard then I can update normally. How do I update via RDP? Thanks
  5. Chris, Thanks, I appreciate the information. That will work just fine for us. Have a great day, -bob
  6. I just read the news release on the Malware Bytes Blog about the new business offering being cloud based. Please verify if this will be a cloud-only offering or will the current in-house server offering still be an option. I would like to know now if this is going to be a cloud-only offering so that I have sufficient time to find a new malware protection vendor.
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