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  1. I went to download Dr. Web but they want to send you the computer information and scan statistics. I'm not down for that. So I'm not getting the pop up so thank you for your time.
  2. It looks like one of these tools fixed the issue. I didn't run Dr. Web because it seems fixed. If you would like me to run it to make sure please let me know but it seems fixed. I will have a donation ready for you in a few days for you help. Thank you very much. JRT.txt Fixlog.txt
  3. Ahh here we go. FRST_29-01-2016_06-03-42.txt
  4. Here are all three scans, thanks for the patience and help. malwarebytes_scan.txt AdwCleanerC2.txt Addition_Farbar.txt
  5. US eastern standard time. I'm sure the scan is complete or nearing completion now but I won't get to it until I get home. I will post imidiatly. If work didn't go later should be about 3pm EST.
  6. Running scans, have to head to work will update in roughly 8 hours with logs. Thank you for the initial walk through. Will keep you posted.
  7. I own a year of Malwarebytes and tried to run a scan to get rid of a the registry file that enters the command to open that website but it didn't catch anything. I also opened regedit and didn't find anything to remove in windows/run. any help would be appreciated. Read another older topic from these forums about another user changing the .exe file name. Not sure how that works. Please assist. Thanks.
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