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  1. Lenovo R-500 laptop 8GB 64-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1 Seamonkey 2.39 (x86) browser Anti-Ransomware I was updating my browser's extensions through the Add-On Manager when my browser was quarantined. Restoring function and excluding Seamonkey.exe in Anti-Ransomware was easy and uneventful so far. logs.zipMalwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zipseamonkey.zip
  2. I had a similar experience this morning. My installation of Anti-Randomware (AR) went great. This morning I had an optional update of .Net Framework 4.6, so installed it. I didn't reboot, as required since I didn't need the app that uses .NET Frameworks just yet. After a while AR popped up and said it quaranteened some malware. It quarantined mscorsvw.exe. And the accompanying optimization registry key. "malware.ransom.agent.generic" 64bit Win7 Pro SP1 mine is kept up to date on a Lenovo R-500. a user friendly log would be nice for printing and troubleshooting. My first post so hopefully I got it right. antiransomware1.ziplogs.zipMalwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zipmscorsvw.zip
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