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  1. Hello, I have recovered my system with a saved image of the system partition, so I don't have those files anymore. I can not go through this again, because I work from home, and I only have one computer to earn a living. I can not afford to go through it again.
  2. I have installed Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware beta, and regretted it immediately. I have an Administrator account (Windows 7 x64 Ultimate), which I only use when I fiddle with something. I also have a user account, which does not have administrator rights, and which I always use when I want to do some work. Both are password protected (both different passwords). After installing MBAR my user account got screwed up, and I was left with only the Administrator account. Fortunately I had a backup image of the system partition, which got me out of trouble again. It seems this program is far from re
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