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  1. It is safe to upgrade to the newest MBAE ver. Chrome Canary still warns that it is a problem, but that's really Chrome's problem.
  2. Tried the new test beta, seems to work fine. Canary ver. 70.0.3501.2 is still listing MBAE as incompatible software, but it is working now. I believe eventually Google Chrome has said that it will delete incompatible software. Canary is just an omen of what regular Chrome will become.
  3. After the most recent MBAE update Chrome, both versions on my computer, are unusable. I was not the only one having this problem. The only cure to get Chrome to work correctly is to uninstall MBAE. There is a thread on the problem in the Google product forums, here's a link to the thread: https://productforums.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/chrome/JSG8eD6Kb8A/0Bp6C0OmCgAJ
  4. Recently I have gotten a warning when using Chrome Canary that MBAE is an incompatible application. I am using the beta version of MBAE. Canary is an omen of what normal Chrome will become. So far my standard version of Chrome does not show the same warning, but eventually it will. I posted this problem on the Chromium Bug Log and was linked to this page: https://blog.chromium.org/2017/11/reducing-chrome-crashes-caused-by-third.html An excerpt from the page, "in September 2018, Chrome 69 will begin blocking third-party software from injecting into Chrome processes. If this blocking p
  5. ErrorFixer, my computer, which runs W 10 also updated today. and after reading your post I downloaded and ran the new version of JRT. No problems here, it created the restore point and ran fine. My one suggestion would be to download a new version of JRT from the MB's site and give the new one a try.
  6. What a surprise to see this post re-started. Ransan I don't know if you deleted the old version and got a new copy of JRT, that might help. I also use ADW Cleaner, I used it before MB acquired it and still use it, have you tried it? I think I read in your posts that Revo is creating restore points, have you tried doing a manual restore point since you noticed the problem? If you can, I'd make a restore point before running JRT. When I originally had my problem some of the problem traced back to the meshing of Windows with JRT (I think, so long ago). I also noticed in a post by s
  7. Just upgrade to the newest version of MB free, was wondering if the compatibility issues with MBARW were resolved with the new release.
  8. No it is not. The problem is with MB 3 free not getting along with MBARW.
  9. I had been a user of MBARW since the first beta, I feel that Malwarebytes abandoned me and others in my situation. To fill the hole left in my security I started using Cyberreason RansomFree to fill the need of having an anti-ransomware product.
  10. Hi Aura, I installed the new version MB 3.0.6 (free) and installed MBARW and got the same result as before. "can't connect to service". Anti-Exploit free works fine, but not MBARW.
  11. Has anything been resolved, it has been almost a month? Do any others have this problem?
  12. Aura, thanks for getting back to me. I don't know if I ever had just the new version of Malwarebytes 3 running with MBARW. It took quite a few installs to reach my conclusion that MBARW was the problem. Every time Malwarebytes 3 doesn't start and requires a reinstall, it deletes MBAE, and MBARW, which then requires them to be reinstalled also. I went back into my Services App. and notice that the MB3 file, which I could not start, is not even present now. That particular service must have been part of the MBARW program. The computer is running fine with the free version of Malware
  13. Thanks Aura, I had done as you suggested before, and it did not work. I did it again, had MBARW, and MBAE installed, did the MB3 reinstall. As soon as you install the MB3 it deletes the MBAE and the MBARW. If I reinstall both MBAE and MBARW, MB3 will not start. Through trial and error I found that I can have the MBAE running with the free version of Malwarebytes 3, but MBARW causes the problem. As soon as I have MBARW installed, MB3 won't start.
  14. Aura, thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't work for me. Yes I can reinstall MB3, but as soon as I install MBARW and MBAE the same thing happens. MB3 won't start. I do not want to use MB3 for anything other than occasional scans.
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