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  1. Windows 10 Pro, Malwarebytes Premium, McAfee Total Protection, Hitman Pro Alert These are the protection applications I have been running together for years now without seeming issues, except McAfee's popups warning I may have conflicts between them. Helpful opinions welcomed!
  2. I hope someone from Malwarebytes can pass on this "Atta Boy" to Phil, a Malwarebytes chat service agent! I'm an old guy, (pushing 80) so....... I got wrapped the axle yesterday trying to resolve the number of Malwarebytes licenses I own. It was making my head swim. I clumsily stated my issue on the chat system to "Phil" who quickly sorted out the problem and resolved the issue. The resolution included cancelling the order I had just placed for another license because I already had an unused one. Big sigh of relief followed!! Good job Phil, and thanks to you and Malwarebytes fo
  3. Window 10 Pro . . . . Would running the following security applications concurrently on my PC be a smart thing to do? - Thanks for your opinions, IM Malwarebytes Premium McAfee Total Protection Hitman Pro Alert
  4. Windows 10 Pro PC I have the following security programs running for years, and thus far have not encountered any known issues. Is this a good practice? Advice appreciated - IM Malwarebytes 3.3.1 McAfee Total Protection HitmanPro Alert 3.7.1
  5. Thanks nikhls, that worked! A wee vicarious, but I know there must be a good reason for it. Malwarebytes Rocks!!! Thanks too for all the hard work the MB team does on my behalf :-) Best, Bob
  6. Windows 10 / Malwarebytes 3.2.2 Scan tab no longer shows Custom Scan tab? - Help Appreciated, IM
  7. Thank you dcollins! I'll chalk it up to old age:-), but I'd swear that after the update, when clicking 'Scan', Malwarebytes just scanned without going to the choice page. Thanks again for your help :-)
  8. Windows 10 Pro / Malwarebytes 3.0.6 In previous versions of Malwarebytes I routinely did what I call a 'Deep Scan' on a weekly basis. It took quite a bit of time to perform (hours), and I liked that because I assume Malwarebytes checked all files on all drives and rootkit, never had a problem. I don't see a way to choose drives and tools in this new version? - Help Appreciated, IM
  9. Is there a cleaner for the Anti-Ransomeware? I'm having so many problems related to the SW I just want to be done with the Beta, Some examples: Ignores some programs that I have added to Exclusions and puts me in the Reboot Required loop thereby deleting the executable files requiring re installation. An example is the "Multiplicity' program allowing multiple computer control using a single mouse and keyboard has been completely disabled and does not work after re installation. Many conflicts with McAfee. Restore operation failure. All the many files that have been quarantined ove
  10. Windows 10 Pro on 2 Systems / Anti-Ransomware (Beta) I have used both these programs for years and have never had any problems whatsoever! I added both to exclusions. If I'm reporting this information improperly please let me know - Thanks, Bob IMatch Digital Asset Manager http://www.photools.com/ Super File Shredder http://www.kakasoft.com/file-shredder/
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