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  1. Hi AdvanceSetup, thank you for taking your time. Attached screenshots 1) HDD Powershell 2) Western Digital Diagnostics (Test hangs) 3) HDD Scan (shows Errors) 4) Western Digital HDD Status (Cheer everything is perfect) I would like to try to isolate bad sectors with some software, time to recover some files and then destroy the disk. Do you think this is a good idea? Many thanks again HDD Scan.pdf
  2. 303 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione First of all, thanks for your reply. I attach the two Farbar files. In these three days I have made many attempts (system restart, chkdsk, sfc / scannow), something has happened 1) The external hard disk is listed by Windows Disk Management now. 2) Windows explore files shows all the directories in the disk 3) I can click on a directory and see the files 4) The WD hard disk seems good, disk property finds no errors. But one click on a file (it is a 20M tiff - just to copy it elsewhere) and the PC hangs, doesn't respond, even system restart hangs. Just remove the hard disk from USB and the PC starts working again Now I am resigned but so very curious to understand which is the culprit (Virus, defective disk, Windows) Regards Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Thanks Porthos and Exile. With the time saved I can drink an excellent beer (hi !!) It is better to smile and not get angry when I think that external disk problems are due to a partition software. I made a mistake, I trusted it and now I'm trying to recover the files. I have a backup of many, unfortunately not all.
  4. I have a Western Digital 3Tb with photos (Tiff-Jpeg) and video (Avi). I read all directories but as soon as I click anything on the external drive the PC hangs, it doesn't respond. Windows chkdsk says there are no errors. Hypothesis of a malware, I have no other ideas.
  5. I have an external Hard Disk connect to USB port. Starting Malwarebytes it scan everything Windows system and all program files How may I get the external drive scanned only ?
  6. I tried update FastStone Viewer 5.9 to version 6.0 The file FSViewer 6.0 (downloaded from FastStone web site) has been quarantined Please find the zip files requested MalwarebytesARW.zip FSViewerSetup60.zip
  7. I followed 1PW instructions (Administrator account, cleaning, fresh download) After installation, the first Windows10 reboot MBARW doesn't start, later times (2nd reboot and next) everything seems OK
  8. MBARW usually runs at startup (Windows 10). I learnt to check this and to use FIX command if MBARW doesn't start ( really few times). As I updated Malwarebytes Premium to, MBARW ( neither starts protection nor read FIX command. I unistalled MBARW (Revo uninstaller) and install it again. The same, MBARW fails to activate
  9. Please find the requested zip files logs.7z Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.7z
  10. I downloaded and installed the new version MBARW (on Windows 10 64bit) After reboot MBARW is off Click on "FIX NOW" and protection is on I made several reboot and protection was always ON I played with start/stop protection command (yes, no one should play so) I click stop to get protection OFF, I click start to get protection ON, and so on sequentially four times The fifth time I played MBARW hang (see the screenshot) Anti-Ransomware is disable and Your system is fully protected !! After this, I found no way to Fix. I had to reboot the system
  11. As I turn on my PC (Windows 10), sometimes I read the Malwarebytes notice " protection in disabled" other times " protection is enabled" Is there any setting to get the protection always enabled ?
  12. Hi, please find the zip files Anyway: Anti-ransomware did not ask me any reboot, I have not been able to find anything in quarantine, of course, nothing to restore 360TsLiveUpd.7z logs.7z Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.7z
  13. Attached the warning I got about antivirus 360 Total Security I did not find any file quarantined, I made a screenshot jpg.
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