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  1. Good to hear. Please let me know via PM which files were quarantined if you get a chance. I would like to be sure there won't be repercussions down the line. Thanks!
  2. Well glad I could be of service! Fortunately, there were no long-term consequences, and I am back up and running after a bit of a scramble this morning.
  3. Sooo MBARW totally botched my computer. I can't log on to Windows anymore under my primary profile, and I can't even figure out what MBARW deleted, because it is constantly crashing. I will probably be able to restore it, but this is a pretty bad "false positive". I feel like I just gave my computer an auto-immune disorder. Uninstalling MBARW, let me know when you have an actual Beta version, not a buggy, life-ruining Alpha. Thanks!
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