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  1. To give you a data point, it took me several days to get a licensing question answered by support. 2 or 3 days for a initial, but completely wrong, canned response by a support team member, and then 2 or 3 more days for a better support team member to read and correctly answer my questions.
  2. I'm seeing what I think are false positives in a Visual Studio extension VSIX file for PowerShell Tools. I've gone through the steps above to delete the hubblecache file, and it still is detected by MalwareBytes.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation of the issue. As it was happening, my attempts at interacting with the MalwareBytes system tray icon's toggle features were unsuccessful due to Windows being nearly unresponsive. There was no UAC prompt when toggling settings off because Windows was being held up by MBAM. Now when my system is fine and idle, I get the UAC prompts as I toggle the various MBAM settings in the system tray. While a nice work around, in the middle of the incident, it isn't as easy/simple/viable solution as it sounds, thus my end-task was ultimately what got me through it.
  4. I agree, something seems wrong with MBAM and other programs running their installers. Today, my VPN service prompted me to update (I had been ignoring it for a few days). It started up the MSI installer (minimal UI mode, where it just shows the progress bar dialog - no Next button clicking needed), and immediately my whole system came to a crawl. I was trying to browse around in Windows Explorer, and it was super slow. Eventually I was able to get Task Manager to open and saw the MBAM service taking a ton of CPU. The MSI installer was still stuck at no progress for something like 10 minutes. In Task Manager, I located MBAM service executable and killed it. Immediately the MSI installer started working, and making progress. Then the MBAM service restarted itself, and I continued that start - kill - start - kill process of MBAM so that I could let the installer complete. Now that the installer completed, MBAM started itself, and system is working as it normally did. Not sure what MBAB was doing, but it certainly was causing grief with the installer and general system health. MB, you have an issue with installers that needs fixing.
  5. Understood about it filling up quickly. It's a black eye for a company to send out emails that contain a dead link. The name of your sub-domain suggests it was a email click tracking for analytic purposes. Whomever built and set that system up, should have planned to keep it running, and possibly using it across your organization. Instead it looks like the company's site is constantly down. Maybe they learned their lesson about supporting a solution/application that they release...
  6. Hi Thomas, I tried to get in to the program but apparently didn't get selected. It doesn't help that the email your company sent announcing the beta, included a link to a subdomain which isn't working: http://click.malwarebytes.com/?qs=ff21f37f3 <snipped in case the links were specific to individuals>. Is someone looking into your site and why that subdomain isn't working? Thanks -Mike
  7. Yes. FYI, I received an email asking me to "Sign up to be a beta tester for an early look at Malwarebytes for iOS", but the link included in the email goes to https://click.malwarebytes.com/XXXXXXXXXXX but that doesn't resolve. Is your DNS registration for that subdomain working properly? I've tried it from my primary computer, as well as a VM in Azure, and both don't resolve. Ping click.malwarebytes.com Ping request could not find host click.malwarebytes.com. Please check the name and try again.
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