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  1. OK, I couldn't tell because you don't have any visible handles. Could you plz add a feature request for them.
  2. I've had this app running for several days now. A few minutes ago I updated my antivirus software, 360 Security. 20+ minutes later, your app flags a component as being ransomware. I'm not expert but shouldn't your program be checking installations and updates as they happen, not several minutes later.
  3. The app just flagged a file as ransomware. When I open the app and click on Quarantine, I want the option to upload this file for analysis. The file I believe is good and that your program marked it as a false-positive. I want to have you look at it. If you determine that it's safe, you should: - push a notification message to my app saying that the file is good - Remove the file from quarantine
  4. The app just flagged a file as ransomware. When I open the app and click on Quarantine, I can only see a part of the file's path and name. This needs to change so that I can see the entire filename and path.
  5. I do not like to open any program, dashboard or otherwise, to check the status. If there's an issue then the program should notify me, period! If you work for the company then kindly add my request as a future enhancement.
  6. Whenever I start my PC, I noticed that the program is minimized to the taskbar instead of closed and running in the background.
  7. I've noticed one minor issue and one glaring bug. 1. When I file is automatically quarantined, there's no option to upload the file to you for analysis, this must be implemented. 2. I've been using 360 Security for a year now without any incidents so I'm highly dubious about the accuracy of the program.
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