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  1. My question is if a new version has been OFFICIALLY released from MWB? From the apparent lack of MWB staff communication on the forum this week, I'm going to assume it hasn't. FYI my company policy is set to "Automatically Upgrade" the pushed clients and, when I check users' systems, their MWB-AE does have that same option enabled, but none of them have updates to a version beyond v1384. So I'm going to assume that MWB still hasn't officially released a fixed version yet. >:-(
  2. Seriously. No updates? What's going on. Oh, and this new version that you've allowed us to test is now freaking out about license activation! I'm not going to use licensing info on a test client. Sheesh.
  3. Unfortunately, we don't have that option for more than one financial website we have to deal with. Their cert/integration requires IE as the browser, so we had to unshield IE until MWB releases their fix. If nothing is announced/released today or Monday, I'm going to have to start modifying my company security groups and policies within the MWB-AE console so that I can modify the systems that access these sites by hand in order for me to install the unofficial working version. FYI "Clint", in an earlier thread, seems to have reported this AE/IE problem back on March 26th, so this problem appears to have been happening a lot longer than April 21.
  4. Well, that's good, but admins will still need to know WHEN this gets released so they can adjust any MWB-AE security policies accordingly. It won't matter if the client gets updated if the policy is still set to disable of the IE shield. Right now, I have to keep checking this forum twice a day to see what the status is of the official update.
  5. My two cents/FYI: Always reboot! :) If the system you're installing this new exe is a system with the previous version that is being managed by the MWB Management Console, any deployed policy will probably override any manual settings (such as disabling the IE shield) that you change on said system, and you should verify any changes remain in place once you reboot (such as the now-enabled IE shield). In our MWB Management Console, we have a separate client group for our IT test systems, and I was able to install this new version onto them, create a new policy within the console ensuring the IE shield is enabled, and then deploy it to the test systems. Anyhoo, just my two cents. So far, so good. IE appears to be working again. Crossing fingers they figured it out!
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