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  1. Thanks for the laugh, needed it much as I'm furious ATM. Seriously wish either the spokesperson of Malwarebytes or Marcin himself will explain what went wrong & how they're hoping to prevent this in the future. You simply cannot ruin your users PC outta the blue. I love MBAM guys & I wish to see some accountability/transparency after this has been fixed.
  2. So I assume it doesn't matter if you have a paid license of MBAE, you need to get a new license for MBAM 3.0. If you have a lifetime license of MBAM, you are fine.
  3. Sorry! Mistook TKL. I faced the activation issue only once, but the reverting back to displaying 3.0.0 & prompting for an update even though 3.0.4 is installed is constant.
  4. I guess TKL's message was not understood correctly. He is not having trouble with activating license, he is talking about the issue in the picture.
  5. (Was unable to add comment here when posting, as I was using Edge; now with Chrome, so here I go) I had 1 year of MBAM Premium license and a lifetime license of MBAE, upgraded to 3.0 and "My Account" setting only shows the remaining days from MBAM license. I can access Exploit features but not able to see the lifetime license reflecting under my account. So having 1 lifetime & 1 yearly license will move you into just a yearly licence?
  6. So I just installed the application and the system is smooth and low on resources (in a good way) like always, normally. So Like MBAM and MBAE's excellent compatibility with Anti-Virus software, MBAR is also safe to run alongside other stuff. Currently I am running MBAR along with the following, simultaneously Zemana Anti-KeyloggerWindows Defender in Windows 10MBAMMBAEWhat configuration do you have and did you encounter any issues?
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