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  1. My computer is 4 years old and he never was infected, so that is why I am surprised.
  2. And if I may ask, are my accounts and passwords safe or should I change they? I used Malwarebytes for many, many times and it never detected something. But now, today it detected this tzeebot. That's weird.
  3. I didn't quarantine this files, because I don't know, that are these files necessary or not. Should I reboot my computer before I will send this files?
  4. Hello, I have a problem with Malwarebytes. Yesterday I scanned my computer with that and Malwarebytes detected nothing. I scanned computer with Malwarebytes today and it detected 27 trojan agents. I don't know is this infection or false alarm. I don't know: should I remove this files? I attached scan log. Can someone help? scan.txt
  5. Now malwarebytes detect nothing. Were last hijack.hosts false?
  6. I uploaded my scan logs. After new update I'll scan my computer again and then upload another scan log. hijack.txt hijack2.txt
  7. I have same problem, this morning malwarebytes scanned my computer and detected 4 hijack.host. Then I scanned my computer again and again malwarebytes detected 4 hijack.host. I don't know, what I have to do.
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