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  1. Hi, Thanks, Turning Off - Windows Fast Start https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-windows-10-fast-startup did the trick. 1st time it was a issue for running Malwarebytes though. Solved.
  2. Hi Porthos. Yes do tend to do the exclusions. Thanks for the complete list and will get on to that. Lots to do when come back from a reinstall that never remember all the things. Yes Fast Start disable I also recommend. thanks for reminding me to do that and will also disable ASUS Fast Boot. New NU seems to be pretty benign as to what it cleans up and what you can choose to do. Only registry stuff seems to be invalid shortcuts and nothing else. Such a fight with Norton/Norton Lifelock during the change over re NU16 and new NU in the forum. have a license till 2050 lol. Thanks, will get onto the above recommendations and let you know.
  3. fyi, have been running MBAM, with Norton 360 with no problem as well with RogueKiller. Just reinstalled that tonight after Mbam had crashed from the tray. Over kill but they seem to work together fine for last 5+ yrs or more. As mentioned the new NU is the only added thing as was NU16 before with no problems. Have had to 2 x's reinstall from scratch Win10 in the last 4mos after it has crashed out my boot sector.
  4. Norton Utilities or something else keeps crashing out MBAM System Tray. Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1 Installed on ‎16/‎6/‎21 OS build 19043.1081 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0 Used Tool mb-support- yesterday and it corrected problem and MBAM started at boot again and was in the tray and remained. Something over course of this day while I was out crashed it out of the tray again. It does start from Start Menu (Classic Start Menu) but when close it out does not go to the tray, It just exits the program. Timeline : about a week.
  5. Hi, well after a few FF restarts over the course of the day. I have been persistent at going over the Global Setting to Turn Off Ads / Trackers. A chore and no idea why it was not taking. Again being a facetious a-- about the Pause/Resume. Yes my panel looks like that. The Pause/Resume is in a totally inadequate place as a Browser Extension. It is alright in MBAM full program to have Settings altogether on a separate page but for a Browser really stupid. It needs to be there upon open of Browser Guard not another click down from a tiny Settings Icon. People use Browsers so this is in a unuseful location as well as it being a slide bar look. Browsers/Browser Extensions/add-ons are not used the same as a full program. Suggest moving to the 1st Click/Main Open and do something with the look like how about checking Ublock Origon out. Practical, useful and fast to do what I want and it is also not like your lacking space to move to there. Ok, sorry got into a feature request after initial issues resolved themselves. Thanks.
  6. Ok, thought I could get back in to edit my post The Pause Bottom was facetious as there is none "BUT" There Should be. The other functions of Site Control and Global Control are not working properly.
  7. Browser Guard would not Pause last night, no changes after Removing from FF 83.0, No changes after Undo from about:addons. Removed again. Reinstalled from the Mozilla add-on page and after 2 -3 x's of a Firefox restart it worked fine again. This AM the newer version or ?? installed and gave me the Welcome Tp and enter Email. Ok, No working fine but I wanted to check something hit the Pause Button and now the Pause Button is missing. Protection For This Site Options will not take nor Globally as I run all but the Ads/Trackers as I have others that do such like, Norton Safe Web, Ublock Origin, Privacy Possum and Privacy Badger. So something is wiping out the Pause Button and Protection Options per page & Globally. All the above worked in perfect harmony before. Is a file being obliterated that holds those things by Norton Utilities Premium 2020 and or by once in a blue moon hand run of Wise Care 365 (disabled from doing anything by it self), and location of that file to check on it and or whitelist/exclude it. Or is it just crashing out those functions and if so ??
  8. Hi, it is not being found now when I start up Seamonkey 2.53.3 As mentioned the initial startup was me accidentally clicking a send email link. Will have to find one to check if it was the call up that initiates it. I forgot to change my settings so I have 33 emails now from this post.
  9. 1 I will get out of the way 1st : I can not figure out what your asking for under the heading of : Please read before posting : I simply do not have some of that in my version and would think it needs updating. As well it was not found in a scan so is irrelevant and do not have logs for something that is not found. Ok, well Running Mozilla Seamonkey 2.53.3 Browser and clicked on something on a web page https://darkreader.org/goodluck/ Leave Feedback. This launched Seamonkey as it is designated as my default email program where upon Malwarebytes decides I have Malware : AI 1170555320 which I do not have as scanned file with Norton360 & RougeKiller. false-positive-seamonkey.rar
  10. Not a happy camper. You default install of the Support Tool is same folder as MBAM. You do not have a uninstaller for the Support Tool. Thanks for having me install this with no way to uninstall it. Disappointment was not my 1st thoughts or words.
  11. Can not as find no edit with in a reasonable time. Way, way to little disclosure of what the Support Tool gathers. Why is there not a instruction for US to view the files collected. NO WAY. Disclose what your gathering and give a way to view it that is very predominant in instructions and in the program. Am so terribly disappointed in what just happened. As said Problem fixed but I am sure would have tried everything and anything not to submit what you wanted.
  12. Issue solved after running program and reboot. Not a need to upload files from FRST collected nor fixing further as just running the program to install and collect and the reboot (2nd since initial update/install). So did not attach as I have no issues with installed program nor was I asking for that type of support (Malware Removal). Will state since you made me download and install this then there should be a Run in the Start Menu instead of my Desktop or ask me where I would like it. New interface sucks. Close thread as solved.
  13. MBAM 4.0 Pics show 12hr clock, I have the 24hr clock (Europe/military) and can find no way to change. System is 12hr clock AM/PM why do I have a 24hr clock when in Canada. Europe and military thing so where is some way to change this as can not find it any where after a install over top I guess as nothing says not to in the installer.
  14. Same : Get Flash : ge02.abobe.com Fingerprinting : id.google.com, googletagmanager, Firefox Extensions : d.ghostery.com
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