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  1. All, right, I uninstalled MWB and had no BSOD's related to the Nvidia driver issue for 2 days. Then I reinstalled MWB, but disabled all 4 of the protection modules. After 24 hours, I started enabling the MWB protection modules one at a time and then observing for 12 - 24 hours. No problems with Ransomware, Malware and Exploit protection. But as soon as I enabled the Web Protection module I had a BSOD within an hour. Same Bad Pool Header etc. I just read the post above mine where he found a conflict with a USB WiFi adapter. I ordered an internal WiFi card and I'm going to install that to
  2. I know the UEF/BIOS is out of date. Right now, I am leery of updating with the random BSOD's. I left the Windows 10 drive running all day yesterday with no issues. Then around 6:00 pm - after I had re-enabled Web and Exploit protection in Malwarebytes - there was another BSOD unrelated to the video card drivers. I turned the protection off and then left the computer running the rest of the evening and all night long. I left it in my email client so I would be able to see if it had rebooted during the night. I checked with BlueScreenView also and there were no more reboots. I had bee
  3. Can't edit the post, but want to add that since BlueScreenView indicated a TCP/IP problem, I live in the country and receive my internet from a local ISP and a wireless broadband tower. My router is a Linksys EA6900.
  4. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit upgrade from Windows 8.1 Pro Built the desktop system myself 3 years ago, 8.1 installed from disk Intel Core i5 3740 NVidia GTX 660Ti Gigabyte GA Z77X D3H Antec NeoPower 650 watt RAM 8 GB Had some BSODs which indicated a driver issue with the 660Ti... updated the driver to the current version. I did not check the memory or the CMSO battery as I have a dual boot system in this case with Windows 7 on a separate SSD. I get no BSODs on that drive and I left it on all night last night. As soon as I booted into my Windows 10 drive, the BSO
  5. Started getting dozens of these popping up today for sites which I normally visit every day. ocsp.digicert.com
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