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  1. Hi, I want uninstall manage client from my system. how can I uninstall remotely from server? pleae help
  2. MBMC

    Hi, update to new version as my current subscription? if yes, please provide me the download link and guide. thanks, Preyash
  3. MBMC

    hi, it's look like automatic delay for services working fine. also can you let me know when malwarebytes 3.0 is available for us? thanks,
  4. MBMC

    hi, I am doing some testing for few user. I setup services as automatic delay. we can wait for few days and get back to you. thanks, Preyash parekh
  5. MBMC

    Hi Dyllon, yes i did.
  6. MBMC

    hi, i upgrade management console but didn't solve my problem. today again my MBME services stop automatically and i have to start manually. is it any solution available or we have to stop using it. please provide me solution. thanks, Preyash Parekh
  7. MBMC

    hi, i can download the new version. can resend the link please. Preyash Parekh
  8. MBMC

    Hi, can you please let me know the solution for this. this is now from long time. I want to finish this AS SOON AS POSIBLE. thanks, Preyash parekh
  9. MBMC

    hi, I made changes to my policy but same happen again with other system. can you please find out for me ASAP? I can start services every do for all PC. can malwarebytes solve this issue?????????? preyash parekh
  10. MBMC

    Hi Ron, Sorry for the delay. please have look 2 different FRST log file from different machine. And PC FRST LOG.txt Pat PC FRST LOG.txt
  11. hi sorry, mine is updated now. thanks, Preyash Parekh
  12. I have same question. please let me know how can I add. thanks, Preyash Parekh
  13. Hi, I am running Symantec end point with malwarebytes and today Symantec pick up one file as 00029898.tmp (Ransom.Cerber) detected by Virus scanner. file was on below location. Incident Details 00029898.tmp (Ransom.Cerber) detected by Virus scanner Threat Name Ransom.Cerber Threat Type Virus File Name c:\program files (x86)\malwarebytes' anti-malware\00029898.tmp any idea why? thanks, preyash parekh
  14. can you create installation package from policy tab on MBMC console. try to uninstall from one machine and install it from installation package and restart your machine. let me know the pout come.
  15. its happening to me from long time. it's happening to few machine not all of them. try to do below. can you try: "Set the failure options for the sccomm service(MeeClientService) under Properties-> Recovery to 'Restart the Service' for all 3 fail options". after that restart computer and check if services start automatically.