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  1. Hello, What functionality is removed/disabled when licensing expires for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware & Anti-Exploit with the Management Console? Sometimes our procurement department takes some time to process quotes/renewals and I'm curious what is or isn't capable if we run over the expiration date. Thanks in advance for any help! -TraptPatriot
  2. Just a quick update to let people know that the below syntax works for different database information. I am not sure why the port information is not in the admin guide or could be described easily. I may have the \ incorrect, I don't normally use different instances. It could also be / systemname,port\instance - test.domain.com,1234\sql2
  3. Correct, but how do I change it for the Malwarebytes side? We are using a custom port on the SQL server, is it as simple as server,port\instance or something else? Thanks!
  4. Apologies, I was referring to the database that is stored on another server, specifically a Micrsoft SQL Server. Is it possible to change the port for that in the management console? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I searched the forums and the admin guide but did not find anything specific for this question. Is it possible to change the external database port for Malwarebytes Management Console? Is it as simple as servername,port\instance? Thanks in advance for your assistance! -TraptPatriot
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