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  1. Windows 10, Show Tray Icon set in Policy I have noticed recently that several of my users Malwarebytes tray icon isn't showing in the Notification area. When I go to Settings, Personalize, Taskbar, Malwarebytes doesn't even show as a program that you can turn "on". It is installed on the system, and it is showing up in the Endpoints list of the Management site. Any ideas?
  2. The new version for Business is out and it is called "Endpoint Protection" (although it is not a free upgrade for current Endpoint Security customers). I went ahead and upgraded our company and so far, so good. The new deployment tool makes converting everyone over fairly painless. The biggest thing to get used to with the current iteration of Endpoint Protection is that there is no "User" interface. It all runs in the background and the only way you know it's even installed is via the Control Panel. I talked with a tech support guy and he assured me that a front end for Users will be deployed
  3. The last reply I received from a Tech Support person when asking the same question was sometime around June/July. Take it with a grain of salt... Signed, Anxiously Waiting in Tennessee
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