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  1. I believe there's a false positive in ver 6 & ver 7 of AdwCleaner with IOBit driver booster ver 4.4 pro, when running the scan it Find the startup scheduler & I have to deselect it. The scheduler runs upon log in of the Windows user to check for outdated drivers. I have included the cleaner.txt file which lists this. Thanks, AdwCleaner[S1].txt
  2. There is no Quarantine.info file at that location, only something named 1xVPfvjcrg, I turned on show hidden files but nothing else appeared. I have included this file as a .zip otherwise I can't upload it & the scan .txt file. 1xVPfvJcrg.zip AdwCleaner[S1].txt
  3. I ran the latest version & I also have nothing in quarantine - I wanted to restore iobit driver updater scheduler. I also could see no way to choose what to remove (or not) after running a scan.
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