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  1. You say you're copy & pasting the ID & key, I've found that whenever I have done that it adds a space at the end of each entry even though there isn't a space where I'm copying from. And yes it shows a green tick beside both ID & key but if the space is left in MBAM fails to activate.
  2. That folder is created by Windows update, it can be cleaned via disk cleanup - look for temporary windows installation files. Does your friend have a wireless mouse &/or keyboard especially Logitech? These &/or any USB connected device can give a user the black screen w/ spinning circle of dots, by removing these it should continue to boot however a restart may be required if it doesn't. The 'We work for (insert broadband provider here) & your router is sending out viruses/your last payment has been declined' scam is well known, several months ago Virginmedia users reported a surge in the 'payment declined/failed' email scam & recently a rise in 'your router is compromised' phone scam.
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