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  1. This also being noticed via CCleaner forum - the restore points are missing under the system restore tab of that software. Don’t know whether it is MB or CCleaner which is removing them or whether there’s a bug somewhere.
  2. How many licenses have you purchased? If one then you have one seat for use with one PC, the other two were probably mistakes - I’ve noticed the same after reinstalling MB, I end up with two seats under my account so remove one.
  3. I have restored an image (Macrium Reflect pro) & found MB disabled, even a few days old. If I have to restore I now disable the license just in case. If I don’t I can visit mymalwarebytes to do that.
  4. Asks Elizabeth, any news on when that version will be available?
  5. If you copied & pasted the details then perhaps it has added a space at the beginning or end of the key & ID. Mine does that & I have to remember to backspace to remove the space.
  6. I’ve wondered the same however I registered with my.malwarebytes so don’t need to contact support unless that site is down or disabling the key doesn’t work as it did for me a few months ago. It’s easy to disable the key from within MB if you remember beforehand to do it or you can access your PC after a major problem with Windows but often a problem can occur which is unforseeable - Windows updates can corrupt the PC meaning it’s in an unbootable state or something else occurs which means you need to recover from an image backup, in these cases you can’t disable the key beforehand so being able to do this without contacting support is a blessing.
  7. If you purchased directly from MB then you can use my.malwarebytes.com with the email address used to purchase the license & create a password, when logged in you can reset the license.
  8. If you purchased from MB direct then you can register on my.malwarebytes.com with the email address you used to purchase the license & create a password, then you can reset the license after reinstalling Windows/whenever you need. As you purchased some time ago you may have to contact support to request a reminder & to reset the license.
  9. Hello all. I'm constantly having to untick a task after scan as I don't wish it to be cleaned - task is situated C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Driver Booster Scheduler - but none of the entries to add it under work, I though 'File' would be best but it states to "insert an existing file", if the file isn't there why does a scan find it. How do I add this to the exclusion list? Thanks,
  10. Same for me with installing certain programs & also when playing Big Fish games, an error pops up saying it can't write to something, disabling Ransomware protection resolves it.
  11. It’s fixed several problems I was having - Spotlight reverting to the default photo & not changing again after marking not a fan several times in a row, now when it goes to the default photo it will change to another after a few hours. Running analyse component store would show it needed a cleanup but running cleanup would start at 19% & finish at 20% & still said I had one package that could be reclaimed, now that shows OK. No problems so far but I always disable Norton & MB & remove my external hard drives; if I don’t then I do get problems.
  12. If you purchased Malwarebytes directly then you can create an account using the same details as you used to purchase at my.malwarebytes.com & deactivate your license. You may have to choose deactivate all even if you just have one license. I hope this helps.
  13. The April/Spring creators update is to be released from Monday 30th April. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/04/27/make-the-most-of-your-time-with-the-new-windows-10-update/#AolQUrPDsG1BbijH.97
  14. Yes I can uncheck the entry/ies & they’re not removed but there’s no way to click on them to exclude them nor is there a prompt asking what to do with the unticked entries. When you run the scan again these unticked entries are found again. The only way to ignore is to manually enter the key/file into the excluded list but being able to click on an entry within the scan to exclude it would be easier & better.
  15. I’d like to see an exclude option after scanning. Currently I have one item I wish to exclude but none of the options under exclude seem to work as the file is still found.
  16. I’ve noticed the same when I had a license problem after restoring from an image, support said it’s meant to be that way as deactivating is meant to be done when you wish to reactivate on a different computer but I informed them that it worked previously, they then stated the feature to deactivate & reactivate on the same computer will be added.
  17. If you purchased directly from MB then you can use the same email address used to purchase to create an account on https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login & it will give you access to your license details including being able to deactivate the device/s & be able to reactivate.
  18. Many users are also reporting the same, one thought is that the user profile has become corrupt & the solution is to create a new one within cmd prompt under task manager. From the black screen press ctrl alt del to open task manager -> file -> run new task type "cmd.exe" without quotes, and check the admin privileges box. in cmd: type: net user /add [username] [password] username and password without [] press enter, then type: net localgroup administrators [username] /add https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/8boyyl/black_screen_when_trying_to_log_in_to_windows/dx8r5b1/ Once logged into the new account you should be able to access the old account’s folders to transfer personal files over to the new account.
  19. Also if you’re copy & pasting the information there can be a space added to the end of the key & ID which prevents activation even though there’s a green tick beside the information.
  20. I had the same, deactivate all just didn’t work. I have reported this to support.
  21. Live chat solved it & asked me to report mymalwarebytes if it failed to deactivate the key again.
  22. Unfortunately same for me, I had to recover using a Image (Macrium Reflect) & I found that My.Malwarebytes wouldn't deactivate the license, Still says active after clicking deactivate. I've tried to do this on both my iPad & Windows PC. FRST.txt Addition.txt mb-check-results.zip
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