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  1. I think the general consensus is that MB isn’t an anti virus software as such so never appears to do well when compared to other AV software.
  2. Are you going to my.malwarebytes.com & signing in with the same details with which you purchased the license? If you use this you can deactivate your device & reinstall on a new one/or the same one with ease.
  3. If you’re copy & pasting make sure there’s no space at the beginning or end of the password.
  4. I had previously reported that the Mind Snares: Alice's Journey game from Big Fish was giving a false positive & this was confirmed & corrected. I've just run a scan with 7.3 & the game is back being listed as a problem. I've included the log for the scan. AdwCleaner[S09].txt
  5. I gave up on using Norton in favour of Defender with MBAM, not had any problems so far. In fact laptop is faster.
  6. I’ve seen the same pop up. I’m surprised to see an ad within paid software. ?
  7. Thanks for the confirmation Elisabeth. Best wishes,
  8. Added the log. This is the link to the .zip of the game: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0cj8pfogd390x3f/Mind Snares - Alice's Journey.zip AdwCleaner[S02].txt
  9. It appears to detect the entire game’s folder rather than a specific file but I will .zip this along with the log & post it here.
  10. I have a Big Fish game, Mind Snares-Alice's Journey & AdwCleaner states it contains a pup - adware heuristic, I think this is a false positive. Can you double check it? I have excluded it for now. Thanks,
  11. Games are downloaded from the official Big Fish game website, Norton & Defender have scanned (not at the same time) say PC is clean. I’ve been reading on that website & it seems the game itself is causing the error.
  12. Have you set MB to ‘not register with with Windows action centre’ (or words to that effect)?
  13. Have you selected to download Beta versions? If so then it might be genuine. If not the usually there’s notification on this site for new versions also MB download seems to show the newest version was released in May. I’d be suspicious until an official confirmation.
  14. I did a repair install of Windows but it didn’t change anything. If I exit Malwarebytes all is fine with the Any wish hotel game. I’m wondering if there’s some conflict with MB & Windows Defender. My next ‘trial’ will be to reinstall Norton, if that doesn’t give the same error then the problem is with Defender imo.
  15. I can confirm it isn’t MB. This morning I disabled RP & I still received the error message. I then disabled WD ransomeware protection & still had this message. Tonight I’ll run sfc & dism.
  16. It’s random, all my games are paid/premium & the problem happens after playing for over an hour, I can download three games, two will install while the third gives the error, the next time the games install fine. I recently had to restore from a system image so had the opportunity to download & install the same three games which went fine. It can happen upon installing a game - it reaches 99% then the error appears or after over an hour of gameplay. It is so random that I cannot reproduce it. It doesn’t happen when I launch any game & the same game can be fine when playing again. It appears to be happening with the the newer games, although the one which failed to install was Dreamscapes: Nightmare’s heir which I don’t think is one of the new ones. When/if it happens again I’ll note the game title.
  17. force randomization for images was off already so that can't be the cause in my cae.
  18. I’m pretty sure these settings are all off but I will double check. I would’ve thought this setting would be off due to having Malwarebytes. I too doubt that it is the cause.
  19. Tbh I only saw the error after a MB update which caused this same/similar error with all downloaded files. Where under WD would I find force randomisation for images?
  20. I’d like to add that today I downloaded three games, the first two installed & activated fine but the third installed but didn’t activate due to the same pop up. I had to delete the game (as it refused to install), turn off ransomeware protection & download & install again where it activated with no problem.
  21. It usually happens after playing for an hour or so but this also happens while installing the game & that seems to happen 9 times out of ten for me. There’s no pattern to the game in that it’s at a certain point. I’d have to add an exclusion for each game & I have quite a few, in any case I open the game via the Big Fish game app & I can’t tell if it is the game or the app which is crashing/causing the error message; I will try adding the app to the exclusion list & let you know. It is all the newer games which are affected, I haven’t yet tried an older game. The strange thing is sometimes all is ok so I don’t know whether time is the factor or the age of the game. No other anti malware software running other than defender. As stated if I turn off malware protection all is good.
  22. They may have been sat on the information for some time, sold it to another hacker who’s now accessed your MS information. Have you been locked out of your main account? If so then you’ll have to contact Microsoft to gain access to it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/12429/microsoft-account-sign-in-cant https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/17875/microsoft-account-recover When you gain access turn on two-step/factor authentication to prevent this happening again, the hacker would then require your phone to access your account.
  23. I'm still having a problem with the ransomware protection preventing my Big Fish games from playing, after a certain time this error will pop up & close the game, I also see the error upon installing a Big Fish game. If I turn off ransomware protection the error message doesn't pop up & therefore I have no problem. I've clean installed MB premium (uninstalled via the removal tool). I've attached the error message as well as the support tool results. Tia, mbst-grab-results.zip
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