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  1. This build ( appears to resolve the issue with Acrobat on a test workstation. I will continue to test and report if I encounter any issues. Thanks, Adam
  2. Any of our workstations (Windows 10 LTSB 2016, x64) that are running the latest MBAE are experiencing odd behavior between Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 and a plug-in used for our document management system (Autonomy FileSite 8.5). If a user attempts to save a PDF to the DMS, the Filesite Acrobat plug-in is unable to create certain local files in order to complete the save. We're also seeing another Acrobat issue but in connection with a printing cost recovery application we use (CopiTrak Desktop). Strangely, there is no Copitrak plugin installed in this case. Opening PDF's results in the following message: No anti-exploits 'block' alerts are displayed. Disabling the MBAE shields for Adobe Acrobat & Reader resolves both issues. It also does not occur on workstations running the previous build. Logs are attached. Thanks, Adam Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit_20180814.zip
  3. We're seeing an issue with Word documents opened from our document management system (Autonomy FileSite 8.5). The WINWORD.EXE process will remain open in the background after the application has closed. This occurs everytime a document from FileSite is opened and Word is closed, resulting in numerous dead Word instances (docs opened locally are unaffected). I suspect this has some relation with the FileSite COM add-in 'checking' the document back in during a close. This only occurs if the 'MS Word Shield' is active. I have also tried unchecking all MS Office related advanced settings in MBAE during testing. Only deactivating the shield allows the app to close correctly. This behavior appears to be present on all of our workstations which are also running MBAE v1.10.2.41, Office 2010, Windows 7 32-bit. Log files are attached. Thanks, Adam Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
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