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  1. I have cleaned up using your tool and reinstalled the programme again. The error persisted, oddly enough, with the same time frame of it turning off. I went ahead of myself and used the Geek Uninstaller to do a "forced uninstall", and once again installed MBAM after that removal and a reboot. GU had found two registry entries that had persisted, one in my Firewall's folder (Win10 Firewall Free), the other one in the security part of HKLM. Now everything runs smoothly again so far. Without my trusty MBAM, I felt pretty naked. Thank you for your help (next time I'll be less of a user a
  2. Hello, dear Nikhils, and thank you for your quick reply. I have indeed relaunched MBAM repeatedly, but the Web Protection module stubbornly turns itself off again automatically. When I attempt to restart the web protection service, it flashes as "starting" briefly, but reverts to "off" after app. a second (see screenies 1 thgrough 3). Nevertheless I have repeated the switch off-switch on procedure with a relaunch delay of a minimum of two minutes, but sadly it doesn't help, either. Upon launch, the module shows as active, but a popup alerts me at the same that it is off. The main programm
  3. Upon restarting my PC from regular hibernation more, I was notified that MBAM's web protection was off. I turned it on - cue endless "is being started" message, but it remained off. My first idea was "oh, right, it's Win 10, let's reboot in IT Crowd style", which I did. The issue persisted. I shut the POC down completely and rebooted. The issue persisted. Shutting down MBAM lets me turn web protection on again, but it deactivates itself after between 57 seconds and 3 minute 12 seconds. I had no system crashes. Included are the FRST scan and the MB-Check files in the suggested fo
  4. 1. Done. 2. Done. 3. No manual corrections needed; everything was uninstalled properly. 4. Done under Admin privileges. 5. Done, saved to desktop. 6. Done, installed as admin. It activated instantly, no error message. 7. After a regular reboot, MBARW works just fine under both admin and regular account. Thank you very much, as always. The issue is resolved, I daresay.
  5. Hmm, very well, I will do that. Fourth time I have to since I began testing, sadly. But it's not much effort, so it's fine! After all, we'll end up with more stuff to keep us safe, right? ^^ I will update you as soon as I am done, which will be in the morning hours of CEST.
  6. Hello 1PW, I fear that it was a typical IT Crowd issue. I killed all running MBARW processes via Process Explorer and rebooted twice. Once as a normal reboot (without any changes, but *startsarcasm* at least Win 10 crashed promptly *endsarcasm*), the second time after shutting the PC down entirely (due to the crash). The latter reboot fixed MBARW. An annoying little issue, but yet... I include the current zip file nevertheless, in the hopes that you might find a reason why the update doesn't work on all PCs. Thank you for providing us with antivirus and antimalware solutions that work
  7. Please consider making your own topic. This one now looks as if somebody has replied to it and tends to it already. >_<
  8. Hello MB! Well, to keep it short, the title says it all. Apparently the Anti-Ransomware programme doesn't activate due to some license issue. Uninstalling and reinstalling after emptying appdata has not helped, either. Would you kindly advise me what to do and what kind of data to provide in case you see a chance of fixing this with me? I'd rather not be online without it these days (see HDDCryptor etc.).
  9. Wupps. I forgot. Read through all the RAM and pagefile stuff, including the link the guy provided. Win7 has a different layout (and no context emnu), and my English fails me on translating the names of processes and subcategories on top of all the rest. I'm dimly aware that I'll need to test my RAM and pagefile usage to set sensible values, it seems... but I'm lost how to.
  10. Hello Kevin, and sorry for the delay in response. Family and work had conspired against me. I'm not intending to disable a Winsdows system file, no worries. My virtual RAM is set to silly values, I suppose... 1.5 times the physical RAM as minimum, 3 times as maximum. So its size might be the issue... HAH. I learn something new every time. Thre backup programme site hasn't been updated since before their New Year offer ran out, and only accepts credit cards, sadly. I'll search on. Kevin, you have been great help, and I thank you. I'll see upon the beginning of June wqhether I ca
  11. Good morning! Welp, I have found the issue. Changing the startup programmes in the config hadn't changed much. Well, the bootup is a bit faster, the shutdown remained awfully long. Turns out that something had apparently decided it must be a good idea to delete the pagefile.sys upon every shutdown of Windows.. As soon as that was set to "nope", the issue was gone. I just wonder whether the safety advantages of deleting it are so large that it warrants the various minutes of shutdown. What is your opinion on that? My PC is always either fully in use or switched off, never on standby o
  12. Uh-oh... I fear I may probably need a bit more help in that matter. Never dealt with the msconfig so far. Skype starts at bootup because I use a very old version that is locked down, and it bugs out when not loaded upon system start, i.e. refuses to let me log into it. I'll return with a report in the morning. Thank you very much, Kevin! -Pet
  13. Update: the PC still needs immense amounts of time to shut down. But that is about the only unnerving thing that is left. On the other hand, even if it takes four minutes, I don't have to stand beside it and wait for it to switch off. So.. I'd daresay it looks fine! Now if I only could get my old Acronis to work again. I feel naked without a backup programme. I entered a lot of random website addresses without prefixes today, and got no rereoutes. Hurray! I think that is it? -Pet
  14. Step 1: I downloaded both to my desktop. Admin-ran Delfix without issues, all was uninstalled and reset as intended, I think. Step 2: Ran Geek Uninstaller as admin. It removed Sophos and Zamana as it was supposed to. Looking at the time, I'll update during the morning hours on how the PC behaves now and try a few URLs. I hope it will power down faster now. Thank you again for your time and help so far! -Pet
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