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  1. I solved (I think) a similar problem a couple of days ago on a 4.2.2 Android Jellybean low budget rooted phone. I followed a procedure similar to the one found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/general/general/fix-monkey-test-time-service-virus-t3194907 and I removed the following files /system/xbin/.gap/system/xbin/.gap.a /system/app/.gma.apk/system/app/.gmp.apk/system/app/.gmtgp.apk /system/bin/.gap /etc/install-recovery.sh (a file install_recovery.sh wasn't related to the virus) The names of the Viruses in the case I describe were: TimeService, SecurityService and FirewallService Your tablet has Kitkat 4.4.2. The phone had 4.2.2. If your tablet is rooted and you install (from PlayStore) Root Browser from JRummyApps, Busybox Installer from JrummyApps and Terminal Emulator from Jack Palevichyou may be able to remove (for example) system/priv-app/.gma.apk with the following commands in Terminal Emulator adb shellsumount -o remount,rw /systemcd /system/priv-appchattr -iaA /system/priv-app/.gma.apkrm /system/priv-app/.gma.apk See also the link on xda-developers.I have no relationship with Malwarebytes. Ask for a second opinion before doing anything of those I describe because there are dangers from human errors.
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