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  1. Thanks so much Dashke! I appreciate your help. Have a great day! Jeremy CTO Truegenics
  2. Hello, Just following up on this. Is there anything else we need to do? Let me know and I will be on it. Jeremy
  3. Hello Dashke, The affiliate has been blocked. We would like to do further investigation so if you could provide us with the email as well it would be great! Jeremy CTO Truegenics Pte Ltd
  4. Hello Dashke, Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. It seems that affiliate is a Network and they run many affiliates themselves. We've communicated with them and told them of the affiliate that was spamming. It should be handled very soon. Thanks again! Jeremy CTO Truegenics
  5. Hello! We found out today that our site grsultra.com was blocked for Malware but I'm pretty certain we don't have it. Can you run through a check again? Thanks so much! Appreciate it. Jeremy
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