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  1. I took the computer home and registered the computer there. I'm still not convinced it's possible to activate using an explicit proxy but maybe someone can add how to this thread in the future. Thanks daledoc!
  2. Thanks for the reply, the proxy is a Sophos UTM but TBH, the proxy is irrelevant at this time as the Malwarebytes exe isn't even trying to connect to it. There is no HTTP response code as we're only at the connection establishment phase, i.e. just a SYN packet. As an aside, is that an Airdale or Welsh Terrier? Hard to see the scale of the beast Regards.
  3. Hi, I've had a quick search for this as it seems like it should be a common problem. Windows 8.1 computer - at the "Activate" stage, getting a message box telling me I need to be connected to the Internet. In Process Explorer I see the mbam.exe process attempt to connect to an AWS instance but fails. TCP computername:51625 ec2-52-4-11-233.compute-1.amazonaws.com:https SYN_SENT This computer is behind a proxy and is unable to make a direct connection to AWS hence the reason it's failing. Just the syn packet. I can't seem to get mbam to use the proxy. IE, Chrome and WinHTTP (32-bit and 64-bit (I see mbam.exe is a 32-bit process)) are all configured explicitly to talk to the proxy.In Chrome, visiting: ec2-52-4-11-233.compute-1.amazonaws.comconnects fine and I get an OK message. Can mbam.exe use a proxy for registration? Although I see both: Wininet and winhttp dlls loaded into the process, a quick look suggests it's just using a direct Winsock call. Many thanks.
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