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  1. The computer has in the past always been able to connect to the internet and I do know the the windows is genuine. My brother has had this computer for years, in fact in 2015 he had some problems with it I couldn't fix and I came here and I think the persons name it Twin Headed Eagle helped to resolve the issues. Anyway my brother says these issues just start within the last 2 weeks. My thinking is that when it finally connects to the internet it will determine it is again genuine. The product key is on the bottom of the laptop on a sticker. Les
  2. Hi. I went to remove the updater by sweetpacks and there was an error while trying to uninstall it. I didn't catch if there was an error #. When I was dragging the curser down to try and uninstall again, I inadvertently hit the remove from list. I went ahead and rant the FARBAR tool and am uploading the resulting text file. At any rate the computer is still cannot connect to the internet, which I assume is the cause for not genuine windows warnings? Thanks, Les Fixlog.txt
  3. Hi, Here are the 2 files you requested. I was able to copy the scan tool to the desktop and run it with no problem. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi, My brother brought his laptop over as he was having problems with it not connecting to the network. I have looked at it and found that it will in fact not connect to the internet. It shows no internet connection. It will not let me install malwarebytes from a flash drive or if I copy it to the desktop. On the local network I can see his laptop and my computers. From there I can connect to his laptop, but cannot access my computers. Thanks in advance for any help. //Les deman //ldeman1@gmail.com
  5. The computer seems to be running fine now, Thanks, //Les Deman //ldeman1@gmail.com
  6. Ran malwarebytes, the malwarebytes scan log is attached. There was a notification about running the scan again. //Les Deman //ldeman1@gmail.com Malwarebytes scan log.txt
  7. I have rerun the scan and am including search.txtSearch.txt
  8. I'm trying to help a friend with his laptop. It is unable to access the internet with any browser even though is shows the internet connected. He had tried to reinstall Firefox and it failed. I have tried installing malwarebytes but it stalls with an error - Runtime error (97:137):. Oh yea, It has recently started displaying a notification the his windows 7 is not genuine. He has had this laptop for several years. The following are the results from Farbar. Is this something you can help me with? Thanks. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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